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Friday, February 8, 2013

Let me stroke your leg -- it's not sexual

In any reputable organization, somebody would be resigning over this. Or should we say Rees-igning.

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Since we were off on word meanings, let me know the difference between sexual and sextual (sic) as per the O.

You should know by now all city employees have their own rules for behavior. Give up.

It was purely platonic leg stroking. You know, like dudes do with their buddies.

It's like a foot massage. Same ballpark.

But...it's NOT reputable.

Resigning, nothing. This sort of arrogant rationalization needs to be met with the immediate and very public firing of everyone involved with said rationalization. Call a press conference and then show them literally thrown out the door. Of course, we're talking about the Portland police, so I'm just building dream castles and planning to move in at the end of the month.

Jack - of all people. You should know that the Chief got a perpetual toadie pass from The Admiral. That combined with the gutless leadership of The Mayor from Camas means nothing will happen.

In the famous words of Obewan Kanobi, "this is not the story you're looking for - move along now."

"In any reputable organization, somebody would be resigning over this."

Or getting fired?

Everything can be explained with a few misguided idioms:

"What's good for the goosed is good for the gander"


"Different strokes for indifferent folks"

Is the chief that stupid, or does he believe the public is that stupid? Either way, more of the same for the people of PDX.

PS Go by streetcar!

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