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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's a good thing I'm not the commander-in-chief...

... because it would be difficult not to give 48 hours' notice, and then blow this building to smithereens.

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If your posts later today are apologetic and in Mandarin I'll know they found out what you said.

If you were and tried doing just that, odds are your cruise missile would be turned back on you.

Why 48 hours? So they could clear out their desks?

Oh look, a meteor.

No problems.  It seems China is a regular host of our friends on the Hill.  I can tell you from personal experience that the Chinese government is an especially gracious and generous host – a guide/driver/translator for every two to three people, sumptuous lunches, grand dinners, nighttime entertainment, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Mao’s Tomb, the Summer Palace, all free, driven and escorted, never waiting a moment in line.  It’s great work if you can get it.

I wonder how much we spend on infiltrating their computer systems?

Wouldn't it be funny if Obama had CIA operatives in there through some Inter-Governmental Agreement and they were the hackers?
And they are up to much more than this story reports?

Sounds ridiculous and far fetched doesn't it?

So did this.


Terrifying. While anger and dissent builds to a boiling point over the past seven decades, the malevolent element of Chinese leadership is meticulously planning how to redirect the lava when the volcano starts to erupt, and provide full employment to all the young males who were not aborted or snuffed out at birth like their sisters were.

We should counter by continuously disabling their censorship systems and opening the full web to all of their citizens.

Maybe just beam in uncensored wifi from Taiwan.

So, Jack, unilateral action is your game. BUSH!!!!1111!!! bad, Jack good.

So long as your Congress passes a formal Declaration of War against the People's Republic of China before you execute the mission, then I'm cool.

Once China gets enough physical gold, they are going to yank the dollar support out from underneath us. Get ready for a huge bond crash.

And, at least as early as the Clinton administration we have been giving them military technology - because in the big scheme of things - the military machine needs enemies to fight and we are running out of targets and propaganda to keep the "Islam is evil" game going much longer.

Everybody spies on everybody. Israel is far worse than China in that regard as they have penetrated almost every facet of our governmental and technology systems.

Wouldn't it be easier to introduce the North Korean Army to that Vice President of the National Bank of Nigeria that sends me e-mails weekly about all of the money my long lost relative left to me?

It is interesting that Mandiant decided to publish this report in public now. Mandiant was started by a group of former FBI cyber terrorism agents. They maintain fairly close personal contact with Homeland Security and the FBI cyber terrorism center. They also hire former FBI cyber terrorism agents to join the company. The hackings have been going on for years, not just since six years ago. Many of the hackings were actually monitored by either the FBI or Homeland Security and used to develop counter measures and defenses. This makes me wonder if some level of the U.S. government is trying to generate some publicity to get some more internet related law that might be more intrusive than the USA Patriot Act pass soon.

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