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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homer Williams, tax deadbeat

This is the guy to whom Vera Katz handed over the city's future on a silver platter. And who owns Char-Lie Hales. When you deal with him, you suffer. Portland taxpayers are surely suffering, and will continue to do so. It's the main thing wrong in a city that has many things wrong. Maybe the IRS will finally put the guy out of commission.

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WW's Jacquis should consider reporting about the messes Homer left for partners and others concerning Broken Top in Bend and Forest Heights in the West Hills. It isn't a pleasant story for many. It's a story of several decades of messes.

And while Nigel is at it, he should review the so-called non-profit parking garage financials under Homer's The Strand condos in RiverPlace. After charging taxpayers in SoWhat's URA over $67,000 per parking space, with normally cost of $32,000, there's been "benefits" to officers of the non-profit, and very little payback of the $6.7 Million to taxpayers.

He claims that he never anticipated the housing bubble crash coming, so he got way over leveraged.

Some Genius!

Homer is a liar!

Maybe the IRS will finally put the guy out of commission.

Unless another bankruptcy gets him before the feds do. Would that discharge the Federal tax obligation?

The simple fact that Williams has to resort to oddball financing sources to fund his projects, speaks volumes about his horrible financial record. And why the City of Portland or any public agency would do business with such a poor financial risk displays a complete lack of financial accountability.

For every con man there needs to be gullible people (with money). The person perpetuating the idea Homer is a genius, is Homer.

I assume that after Williams & Dame burned their bridges with local investors, foreign SWMs (suckers with money)were their best shot to fund their addiction. It's all so beautifully slimey.
1. Use a (stupid) public program to feed him foreign investors with more cash than brains.
2. Con local politicians with more ego than ethics to get subsidies for his "visionary" projects.
3. Skim off the green stuff at the start of the project with large management fees, and
4. if the whole project goes down the tubes...Ooops!

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