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Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is going to be fun

One of our favorite law school classmates has started blogging. And with gusto, as it turns out. Bookmark placed!

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He makes it a little hard to find his name. But I'm happy to contribute hits to his site. Looks pretty good.

I would rather eat a big mac cold then most other burgers hot....except of course anything from Burgerville.

Heckuva blog; seems like a heckuva character (the good character kind).

Thanks Jack, you upped my page views by a factor of forty. As the blog finds its bearings I hope you don't mind if I ask a question or two. Cheers!

Ooh. Someone who sees not such great portent in the crystal ball of the Oba-maniacs and Obam-nombulists. (Jan 20 entry). How refreshing. I had a serious slump of depression today, contemplating that freshest of wounds, the fact that the nation has entered an era where it is even thinkable, that someone would lip-sync the anthem for a presidential inauguration.

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