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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The fugitive

Computer security software tycoon John McAfee has shown up in Portland and says he's moving here. We haven't been following his story as closely as some of our readers have, but as we understand it, McAfee, who's been living for years in Belize, is reportedly on the run from police in that country, where they say he is wanted for questioning in connection with a murder. McAfee apparently says he's being framed by a corrupt government in Belize. We say we'd like to stay as far away from him as possible.

Isn't our country on, like, friendly terms with Belize? Anyway, there's some background here, here, and here. It's all just a bit too weird for us.

Comments (19)

Don't laugh he could be our next mayor.

Parents, lock up your daughters!

maybe he's coming here because he's got a thing for women with Oregon Butt Disease (OBD)?

Is this a secure communication Jack??

Tom -- Hilarious...But all too possible.

You don't say. I find it hard to believe the man in this picture could be accused of a crime.

"It's all just a bit too weird for us." You jest. He just sets a new low standard and will attract even more weirdos to follow.

The constant cold, cloudy, rainy days used to drive a lot of immigrants away before their 1st year was up, or after 3 years when the novelty had worn off. This guy looks like a fair-weather chap.

He seems to be a member of Mensa. Perhaps he's wearing their uniform in the picture.

Portland could use a kick a-- Mayor with Maori tatoos and who eats chickens named Colin.

I think he just heard there is a flu virus spreading and thought he'd return to fight it.

Where's that spear he's holding pointing?

Is that a spear you're holdin or are you just glad to see me?

Rich, white boy with a computer background (read: "Creative Class")?

I bet he'll have an entire squad of Portland Police officers giving him diplomatic-style security.

Insane, and very likely murdered his neighbor.....Whhhooo hoooo...

Mayor materiel....

I would pay money to watch a reality show if he moved in with Tonya.

Um...that's not a spear, folks.

Yeah seriously since when is a shotgun a spear? I thought maybe I was missing some sort of joke.

Sorry Jo, you did miss one

I've heard you'll never forget the native Maori welcoming dance he does when you visit his place.

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