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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some drunk drivers are more equal than others

One of the indignities you bring on yourself by driving under the influence is the social stigma that comes when you get arrested for it. Nowadays, your booking photo gets plastered all over the internet, everybody gets to tsk-tsk you, and you'll get the stink eye from your employer, if you still have one.

That is, unless you're a Portland policeman. When these guys go down for DUI -- and it happens with disturbing frequency -- their buddies in law enforcement keep it as low as possible. In the wee small hours of Sunday morning a Portland detective named Darrell Miller reportedly got popped for DUI in Clackamas County up on Mount Hood. And Miller's mugshot is -- where? Nowhere, because they didn't even properly book him:

Phillips said Miller was not booked into jail largely because the incident occurred on Mount Hood, a good distance from the Clackamas County Jail. Miller is scheduled to appear in Clackamas County Circuit Court on Feb. 26.

Who drove him home? Next we'll hear that he "only" blew a .09, which is just a little over the legal limit, and so we ought to cut him some slack. Tell that to the many .09-ers who have gone through the whole rigmarole.

Is there still a Mothers Against Drunk Driving? They need to get active again in Portlandia.

A free bojack bumper sticker to the first person who can come up with the web address of any photo of Detective Miller, anywhere. Meanwhile, he's on telephone reporting detail -- where the bad cops all get sent until the media attention dies down. It's crowded in there.

Comments (6)

Wow, too far from jail? I'll have to remember that one the next time I plan a crime spree.

I wonder if Sammy used that one at the crash site at Jansen Beach after he zipped his pants up?

The funny thing is they took him the 40+ miles from Government Camp to Sandy to give him a breath test.

Wow! A poster of those mug shots (on the first link) could be used as an anti-crime tool. Who'd want to get locked up with one of them? However, I did see one guy who looked a bit like Bruce Willis but meaner and dirtier. Where are all the people who you read about who you'd never know are crooks and could be the neighbor next door? I don't want to live in that neighborhood. Am I not being socially or economically equitable enough?

Well, it's not very far from Sandy to the CCJD in Oregon City

The sad thing is that these cops held up their right hands and swore to uphold the law -both the drunk driving detective and the one who "arrested" him

And then broke that oath repeatedly. Is there no shame anymore?

I'm pretty sure that having a valid ODL is a requirement for being a cop - shouldn't the desk duty ones be sent down the road?

So why not 'out' every person arrested for DUI. Hardly a cover up when the Portland Cops put out a media notification with the info. Your average john q public citizen doesn't get on the news for a simple DUI..

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