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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

May be the last time, I don't know

For better or worse, our charity pro football underdog game gets us thinking about the Big Daddies of the NFL all week long. Last night we realized that if one of the games in the final weekend (Jan. 19-20) is listed by the oddsmakers as a "pick-'em," then by rule, it will be off our game board. And that means our game will end with this week's slate of contests.

Could that happen? We suppose so. For example, who'd be favored in New England at Denver? Perhaps Denver with home field advantage, but a pick-'em is not out of the question.

Of course, the standings in our game are tight enough that even a small spread on both games could make for quite a chess match as players make their picks that final week. But if either one's a pick-'em, it's academic; our game will be over.

Comments (2)

Funny, I've had that song in rotation in my head for the last week alternating with "Tell Me."

If it's NE at Denver, I think the oddsmakers have NE favored by 2-3 points.

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