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Sunday, January 13, 2013

It might help

A reader who has been following our laments about the lack of ridership on Portland's utterly insane eastside streetcar has a suggestion to boost the number of passengers. It's an old advertisement he dug up from 60 years ago:

We think the idea is definitely worth a try.

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Hysterical! But I don't think it will help.

This blog just keeps better 'n better!

Updating the idea; Hiring Hooters Girls and Chippendales as host attendants would probably increase the ridership. But it would also increase the cost of the unsustainable streetcar operations the taxpayers already heavily subsidize. It would however be cheap entertainment for the riders.

Geez, a good bra can run about $45-$65+ now. Too bad there isn't a subsidy to help with that expense.

Don't give anybody any ideas. We just had our No Pants On The Train event in Dallas last weekend, and trust me: the only thing worse than the exhibitionists rushing out to give everyone a view they didn't want is the herd of Cat Piss Men armed with video cameras in the hopes of seeing something Reddit hasn't already posted.

Looks like a SF Cablecar in the picture - which, by the way, likely is faster than the Portland streetcar since it only has a limited number of stops.

Portland has a few cars like those -- surely it must have in 1952.

Strip Club Streetcar DOES have a nice ring to it...

"Portland has a few cars like those -- surely it must have in 1952."

Very few and gone by 1958.


The streetcars now make about as much sense as would those rather unwieldy structured cone brassieres, which, to be comparable, would function poorly and cost many times more than the alternatives.

I'm calling fraud on this. Without full disclosure, it's impossible to tell that what is being represented here is all that the ad suggests it is. You might call it a cover-up. What I am trying to say is, that pretty clearly is a cable car in the photo, not a streetcar.

The Portland Streetcar....brought to you by the Portland Planning Boobs, sating themselves at the "free money public teat."

My tolerance of such fiscal foolishness sags.

Could it be named "Desire"?

That ad looks like something Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would've come up with.

Well said, veiledorchid.

Just drove on McLoughlin Blvd 10:30 AM, passed the street car headed south. ZERO riders!

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