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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our readers reach out

At the risk of doing something new when something old would probably be just fine, here's an unofficial midday progress report of where our readers' contributions have been going so far today (not counting our splendid sponsors, who are funding the "buck a hit" tally):

Oregon Food Bank (including match) $655
Sisters of the Road $375
Children's Heart Foundation, Oregon Chapter $20
Human Solutions $115
Virginia Garcia Clinics $160
Ronald McDonald House of Oregon/SW Wash. $155

See somebody there who's underappreciated? You know what to do.

Comments (2)

I do and I did. Thanks Jack. This is far and away the website I visit most often, and it is almost the only one I go to for news.

I like the mid-day progress report. It was effective in getting another contribution from me! I just can't help but back the underdog.

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