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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another lame duck City Council, another middle finger

Down in Lake O., the losers hurl a final insult at the winners. Don't let the door hit you, folks.

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Hey, these politicians are all the same stripe - DO what they want and not what the public wants.

WA Liquor passing a good-by f-u tax, Clack Cty borrowing $20M for TriMet, Randy/Sam shoving thru god knows what in order to lock up a good next job.

With all of these post-election shenanigans going on, I think it makes a pretty good case for having the expiry of terms set at election day. Generally we are able to discern a winner and swear the new person. Seems like a better solution than letting the old guard hang around a few extra months.

These lame duck months in LO have been unnecessarily difficult - just as Jack and his buds on the council wanted. Their final digs - to stack up more junk for the next council to take apart. It's just for spite. I am looking forward to a sane and sensible government - a serious relief after many years (and 2 mayors) of progressive insanity. What did they expect in November? What were they thinking? LO is in Clackamas County, not Multnomah for heaven's sake!

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