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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The Republican ticket has been defeated, but sources say that in a few moments Paul Ryan is planning to make good on his promise to get up on the stage and do one pushup for every electoral vote that Romney won.

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Those who voted for another 4 years (you?) deserve what you have wrought.

No more Clarence Thomases? Yes, I deserve that.

Nor Scalitos.

Oh noes we are all going to turn into a pillar of salt! How could we have done this to ourselves? Ha aha ah! I love that line of thinking, it's so exasperating. I have no response but to lampoon it.

Perhaps I should be more polite...

I would prefer scholars on the bench over hacks that hobnob with the Koch brothers and then just happen to make votes in their favor (scalia and thomas I'm looking at you).

So I'm with you guys in being relieved we won't have to worry for awhile about agenda driven ideologues 'interpreting' the constitution.

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