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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

He'd never have to endure this in Oregon (or New Jersey)

Mitt Romney, looking a little rugged as he pumps his own gas in Nixonland.

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He looks like Sam Adams should look in a few weeks, but this IS Oregon and he'll have a nametag.

Even a little ragged. Just a regular guy, after all.

He looks like Ann had him strapped on top of the SUV on the way into town.

"Definitely an anti-social type. Awrf! Awrf! Awrf! Awrf! That's my other dog imitation."

You folks do realize that you pump your own gasoline at virtually all service stations in California don't you?

I look forward to the self reliance of pumping my own gas in Oregon.

Poor Mittens....not even a son available to get out and pump gas for him!
What a come down....how the mighty have fallen.

Jeez, I wish I could pump my own gas. Not fun waiting for someone to decide to give you a little service. Maybe I need to lose an election for the privledge.

I suspect THIS is closer to the real down to earth Mitt Romney than the image the Obama machine painted him as. No doubt he still is quite rich, yet he knows how to do this everyday chore.

Rugged individualism! Guess we put off being more like producers, in favor of specious money printing and thinking about other folks' possessions.

And wouldn't you know it, gramps took his grandchildren to Disneyland,


elitist that he is.

The phoney poser in the White House and his supporters should be so proud of themselves for propagating bald-faced lies.

The phoney poser in the White House and his supporters should be so proud of themselves for propagating bald-faced lies.

So all it takes is a trip to Disneyland to disprove allegations that someone is an elitist?

Thank God I just got back from Disneyland on Saturday and didn't run into that mess.

Just think of all the jobs he's killing by doing that!

Yes he might be stuck pumping his own gas, but we still have a lousy president.

"...."Mitt Romney at my local gas station... he looks tired and washed up...." Gee, no bias there, eh..?? Tired, sure, but washed up..?? Interesting comment..

Washed up or not, My guess is that he may look pretty darn good six or eight months from now. We'll see....

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