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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't want a parking-less apartment bunker on that lot?

Then chip in with the rest of the neighborhood and buy the place. Impractical? It has been, but perhaps that is changing.

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And then thanks to the Kelo case, the PDC will just use emminent domain to take over the property.

The key is for the community to buy up that empty lot and turn it into a community garden.

I missed this little jewel "a pat on the head from the planning commission"


Wow, lots of car hating bike fascists on that threat at the big O.
I especially liked the one who haughtily replied how when you buy that home you don't buy the street in front, that it's public and anyone can use is to park. What whooshed over his pointy head is that the homeowner more than likely has or had to build off street parking in the form of a driveway and garage.

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