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Monday, October 8, 2012

Nutsy's career is coming to a close

Jefferson Smith is imploding. Read all about it in Willamette Wiener.

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The first rule of Politics Club is that whatever happens while drunk in college, ends up in Politics Club. The second rule is if you ever punched a woman, it's like punching yourself in the nuts in the public square. Again and again and again.

He went to her house -- now? What a complete and total nutjob. Please, get this clown off the stage.

The funny thing is, WW, which is now assassinating him, will probably endorse him when he runs for Congress to inherit the bow tie.

wearing a pink polo shirt

Please, please may this be the end for this jerk.

Wow. That guy is toast. Creepy stalker and a violent temper.

He better start running now, and don't stop until he hits the Atlantic

"Back in NYC"

I got chills reading that a 6'4" man would show up at the home of this 5'3" woman last week "unannounced at her door." That's just sick. No political career is worth putting her through that.

One other thing: If I had been at that party and seen that happen, I would have responded right then. I'm not saying I would have won, but Jefferson would have learned something he never was taught along the way: Criminal actions have repercussions. Violent bullies eventually run into someone who won't take it.

This is one of the sorriest stories we've ever had in Portland politics - and that is saying something.

I wonder how all those commenters on Bill's post feel now?
Like I said before, I agree with Dr. Phil: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Cannot believe he showed up at her house. Unreal.

To hell with this guy. Spoiled little rich boy couldn't get laid, so he slugs her? He had a foot and 100 pounds on her too - wonder if chasing tail was why he started the Bus Project? Weiner gets his way, I'm voting for Hales and if LaVonne Griffin-Valade, Scott Fernandez, or some other sane person wants a recall challenge, I'll canvass for them. But I refuse to do anything active or tacit that might help Jefferson Smith win this election. I thought he was a funny carnival barker, but I was wrong - this is a dangerous person who deserves to be chased out of public service.

Still not ready to vote against him?

And my God, the "progressives" defending this a-hole in the Willy Week comments...were these people saying the woman Tyson raped deserved it because she went up to his room? Guess that girl in "The Accused" shouldn't have had a few to many too, right? I am just as disgusted with Smith's enablers as I am him - he should have learned normal boundaries a long time ago, but he's so damn special those rules shouldn't apply, right?

Bill, let us know when Kari and his band of loons over at Blue Oregon apologize to you for playing armchair shrink - you've been right all along.

Let's see what Mr. Smith has to say about this on "Think Out Loud" on OPB tomorrow morning--if he shows up.

Don't forget a young person who really put it on the line to expose this guy: Max Brumm.

I'm an older person and I'm used to the threats of being in the public eye from my time as a Tribune columnist, and as host of a cable access show, but Max? Here's a young person with real courage.

Still not ready to vote against him?

I'm voting against him. I'm writing in LaVonne Griffin-Valade.

I don't vote for fraud artists like Dike Dame, and his puppet, Double Domicile Char-Lie. No matter what.

"This is one of the sorriest stories we've ever had in Portland politics - and that is saying something."

I think we have a winner! Sorriest Portland politician. Tough fought battle with Goldy, Packy, Scam, the Admiral, but Nutsy wins!

Who is his mom?

Nutsy is an idiot even his mother couldn't love.

Chair of the Oregon Democrat party?

And she knew about all of his behavioral issues?

Sick. The mom should have forced her son to seek help, intervention, have him committed, anything.

Instead, she let's him implode like this. All so that she and her family can continue their political power trip?

Go away, all of you.

• He may be a "nut-job."

• He may have a long-lasting anger management problem.

• He may have lied.

• He may have violated the terms of his diversion agreement.


• He is supported by the PPA.

• He is supported by the PFFA.

• He is Hero Randy's hand-picked toadie.


• He shall be Mayor.

His mom is deceased. The county party queen is his stepmom. So take it easy. I think it's his dad who keeps egging him on. Sad, really.

What's also sad is that Wiener and Jaquiss also assassinated Brady, who is a saint compared to the two creeps we are left with. Just as WW endorsed Adams, Sten, and a dozen other jerks who are wrecking Portland, they're making Hales. We will all be sorry. But let's not forget.

One has to admit that Jefferson Smith was a lot of fun to cover news wise. It's a shame for metro area news outlets his political career is almost over.

Some of this stuff you can't even make up!

Don't forget a young person who really put it on the line to expose this guy: Max Brumm.

Amen. I heard the Brumm interview on OPB a few months back where he called out Smith. At least Smith & crew were assaulting a 19 yr old male this time...

As I say, Smith will be back running for Blumenauer's seat when Earl the Pearl retires or is run out for some weirdness or another. And Willy Week will endorse him.

Next thing you know his defenders will say the pink shirt was about trying to save the boobies, committed progressive that he is.

As I say, Smith will be back running for Blumenauer's seat when Earl the Pearl retires or is run out for some weirdness or another.

That assumes he'll make it through the primary. And what if Eileen Brady ran against him?

I just don't see how he can run now given his past. We're not talking about some baseless accusation here, not to mention his other "priors."

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd imagine Jeffers going back to The Bus, the passenger seat, of course.

That assumes he'll make it through the primary. And what if Eileen Brady ran against him?

If Mommy and Daddy are still around, any opponent of Lil Jeffy in the primary will need big bucks to fight off a monstrous machine.

I just don't see how he can run now given his past.

"It was 20 years ago." (Or 25 by then.) "His opponent once mouthed off to a cop." "He's the face of democracy for a new generation." "His opponent has been ineffective, always being on the losing side of votes by the Goldschmidt People (whom we secretly love)." Blah blah blah, the WW endorsement writes itself.

If the WW crew ever endorses this p.o.s. for anything, THEY should all be splashed in the nuts with punch.

When Blumenauer retires, wouldn't other people be interested in running for Congress: Jeff Cogen, Ted Wheeler, Steve Novick, any state senator / state rep in the 1st Congressional District? Portland won't be sending this Mr. Jefferson Smith to Washington. His career is over. He makes David Wu look classy.

I'm writing in LaVonne Griffen-Valade. And if any organized effort is made to get her name out, I'll gladly donate $500. And more if it snowballs.

A smarter politician could have managed this situation, but Smith has totally botched it. I'm guessing he shows up at OPB tomorrow and announces he is leaving the race. He's certainly not getting my vote now.

He's like Sam Adams -- unemployable. He'll be running for something until he's dead -- or until the IRS throws him in jail.

I will be shocked if this doofus has the humility to drop out. Narcissists never accept the blame for their wrongful acts.

Wow, even B!x is speaking out:

Let’s be clear here. A mayoral candidate arrested twenty years ago for assault, as that story is making waves in his campaign a month before Election Day, pays her an unwanted visit.

You don’t do that.

That’s not okay.

Even if you set aside the moral and ethical problems with that maneuver, one has to wonder whether no one in Smith’s campaign advised him that this would be a spectacularly bad idea, or if such objections were made and he barged ahead anyway. Neither possibility grants much hope for either the professionalism, horse-sense, or (let’s just say it) the basic humanity of a potential Smith administration.

Game, set, match.

There is definitely an orchestrated element to leaks, etc. and this Mark Wiener seems to be the main guy here in Portland from what I've read. Maybe the strategy was to derail Eileen Brady because they knew Jefferson would be toast in a head-to-head contest with Hales. But that's all political intrigue.

However, if Jefferson Smith showed up at this woman's door, that was all him. Mark Wiener didn't orchestrate that part. Note that when WW asked if Smith had any contact with her, Smith said, "No meaningful contact." See why I thought the guy was such a load of BS? The woman turns him away at the door and that becomes, "no meaningful contact."

Chilling. I bet seeing him at her door meant something to her.

At least I can say that I smelled the doo-doo on this guy right from the start.

His next project: a prison autobiography, "A Door Too Far."

"Hot Head Jeff! Lookit him eat those eggs!"

The Bar complaint will be interesting.

Violation, by a "genius" Harvard educated lawyer, of a permanent "no contact" order.

Kiss that ticket goodbye.

A mayorial election 20 years from now will be real interesting what with everyone documenting their every move on Facebook from age 12. The duck faces and drunken posts coming out of the candidates past will be a lot for my grandchildren to wade thru before they can make an informed voting decision.

According to the police report, In the early 90s Smith appears to have been somewhat of an obnoxious lout with no game, and the female doesn't come off much better. It was adjudicated fairly then and it may cost him a great deal of votes now.

Meanwhile about the same tim in the early 90s Hales was beginning his city career. There is plenty of info about his record. In the end that may be more important.

I'm going to eat some boiled kale and think about it.

"...the female doesn't come off much better?"

Really, would you care to explain what the victim did wrong, besides telling Nutsy he was never getting in her pants?

I think he is perfect for Portland Mayor: all he needs is an attack dog like Sammy for Chief of Staff and he will do great things. Unless you're the victim who turns him down.

But WTF is he doing at her house, now? Crazy.

The Bar complaint will be interesting.

Is the 1993 incident why he was not sworn in to the New York state bar? Did he disclose the 1993 incident to the Oregon bar?

I was looking forward to 4 years of "one can't make this stuff up" daily entertainment.
Might as well enjoy Jeffy grand levity as the last nail is pounded into the PDX coffin.

But Nutsy is so perfectly Portland.

He can complete our decent into total destruction, laying the foundation for sanity. Like LaVonne Griffin-Valade.

So, vote for LaVonne Griffin-Valade now and help her do a real campaign in 4 years. Or after the recall.


Although creepy and a really bad move by Smith I don't think his visit to the victim violates the terms of the agreement...

I re-read the 1994 diversion agreement and it appears to have a only a 6-month term (see condition (1) bottom of page 1.


Who cares? For him to show up at this woman's house unannounced pushing the line that it was an accident is beyond creepy. It's psycho.

Get off the stage, Nutsy, and get some help for yourself. You've got a hard life ahead of you.

I agree Jack. It is psycho. After reading Nonny's comment I was just interested in knowing whether the diversion document was permanent in prohibiting his behavior.

Clearly, common decency prohibits his behavior. What a stinking mess.

The agreement doesn't say he must stay away from her for six months. It says he must stay away, period. The agreement says it has a six-month term, but the term of the contract is not referenced in the no-contact clause -- only in the obey-the-law clause.

And remember, there is more here than just diversion and dismissal of the criminal complaint. She signed as a party and released him from any further civil liability.

In light of the ambiguity, he should have had the sense to stay away. But no.

You really have to wonder whether he told the state bar about the incident. And why he was never sworn in to the bar in New York after passing the exam there.

Another thing: If the IRS ever shows up to audit the Bus Project, his problems are going to multiply quickly.

Jack and Bill called this one early in the game. I told you so is right on!

I think JK has the better solution, going forward, than Allan. LVGV today and tomorrow.

But I gotta say, Portland has only one city to blame, and one set of weird voters. What a cream of the crop.

Pathological coordinates with delusional on a trip to the victim's home.

My bet is that if he wasn't the one who woke her up, it was one of his friends who did it at his behest because she rejected his creepy sexual advances. So Mr. 6'4" is so intimidated by a woman over a foot shorter and 100lbs. lighter that he has to punch her in the face with a closed fist? He hit her hard enough to cause 4 or 5 stitches...you have to really mean it to cause a cut like that. He knows this makes him look like a piece of garbage and he's lied about what happened in a big way.

Back 25 years ago, I worked with a guy who reminded me a lot of Nutsy here. This character would pull the same in-your-face half-threats, combined with finding any sort of dirt he could on anyone below them and tattling it in the middle of the break room. He tried that with me, and I promptly reported him for harassment. In my case, this involved a police officer who pulled me over for riding a bicycle who took umbrage at a couple of the photos in my billfold, and compared notes with this slob over beers. Said slob regularly picked the brains of the local cops for any possible embarrassing information, and finally got several of his buddies in serious trouble when they went digging into police files for him. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I made a full report on exactly what he said and where, noting that I had witnesses to the fact that he kept going, thinking this was funny. I knew I was opening myself up for criticism myself, but at that point, I didn't care. I wanted to make sure that there was a paper record on the slob, so that if anyone else complained, the company could see that he had a prior track record. HR promptly filed it, and informed him that he now had a case against him.

Now here's where I sympathize the most with the woman Nutsy hit. Immediately after I finished making my report, the slob barged into my work area, begging for forgiveness. He wasn't sorry for what he had done, though. He was sorry for pushing someone far enough to make a report, which would affect his performance review and his chances of advancement. Not only was that obvious, but he also came out with two of his buddies, all three trying to get me to accept his apology and, by the way, wouldn't it be nice if I dropped the report? I told him at the time "Get out of my face before I puke on your shoes," and when he tried it again, I reported it again. At that point, he was told to stay away from me or anyone else who made a report (and several others popped up, as they decided that hiding his reign of terror wasn't going to do any good) and not talk to any of us under any circumstances.

Now here's the best part. The slob learned his lesson on trying to guilt-trip his previous victims, true, and he rapidly learned that everyone in the facility knew that he'd been reported and threatened with termination if he ever did it again. Not once, though, did he take hints from HR that he might want to transfer to another facility, and he blew a gasket when he discovered that his application for a supervisory position was declined because of his past history. In the classic line of serial harassers, he cried "That was in the past! I'm better now!"

Yeah, Nutsy. You keep telling people that this was just a youthful indiscretion, and then show up at your victim's house for an apology and a friendly chat. It's amazing that the only time you said you were sorry was when it affected your political aspirations, instead of, say, coming to her years ago in true repentance. I can only hope, when someone responds to your crocodile tears with a kick in the nuts of their own, someone is there to catch it all on video.

Let's not forget that lying before the election and confessing after you win didn't seem to hurt Sam Adams, in fact, it made him impossible to recall.

It's a proven strategy in Portland.

It's working for Char-Lie Hales. And his cr-apartment developer/ train-pulling buddies.

Portland Electors Anthem, 2011-12:

"Crazy Train" (live w/Randy Rhodes)

Ay Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay....

....Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

Let's Go!

I've listened to preachers
I've listened to fools
I've watched all the dropouts
Who make their own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role

Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

I know that things are going wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words

Heirs of a cold war
That's what we've become
Inheriting troubles I'm mentally numb
Crazy, I just cannot bear
I'm living with something' that just isn't fair

Mental wounds not healing
Who and what's to blame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train.....

It would be a fun excercise to contact Jefferon Smith's supports here:


And ask them if any of them are retracting their endorsement in light of his *two* recent visits to his victim.

Jack, You certainly did call this guy from the beginning. I remember defending his speeding tickets as not really a big deal and you very strongly condemning his character. This explains why he didn't enter politics much earlier as he really is quite a natural. I'm surprised he didn't have a plan for how to handle this. Sad for him/his wife. I am sure he does think he means well.

What an embarrassment for those organizations to have endorsed a guy who punches men below the belt and women above the shoulders.

KGW alleges: "Smith said a previous report that he was ordered to have no contact with her was not true. Smith said Tuesday there was a six-month period at the time of the incident when they did not have any contact."

Condition 1 (page 1), "That the defendant shall obey all laws and conduct himself as a peaceful law abiding citizen throughout the six-month term of this diversion agreement."

Condition 3 (page 2) of the agreement says, "That the Defendant shall refrain from having any contact with {name redacted}"

There was no reference to a six-month expiration of the no-contact order.

Perhaps in Nutsy's mind, he wasn't required to conduct himself as a law abiding citizen after 9/2/1994? In his arguably deranged mind, the no contact order expired on that date.

Just thinking out loud here...

How did Nutsy find victim's residence address so quickly last week.

Yeah, I'll accept he knew / knows her name as it was back when in Eugene, what 1993?

How did he find her now? How did he know whether / if she had married / changed name?

Nutsy's cop union buddies pick up the ODL number from initial police repprt released last week by he attorney and run ODL for a current residence?

Or did our honest upright genius youth leader spend campaign bucks to hie an investigator to hunt up her current location to intimidate her into keeping mouth shut>

How did he find her 19 years later?

And isn't just a bit more creepy that he did so?

I'm sure that Mr. Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude "forgot" about the terms of the no contact order. It's one of those ADD things don't ya know...

Hey, WOW: reportedly, he didn't go to is victim's house once, but TWICE! --

"Steve Duin: Six stitches and Jefferson Smith's closed fist"

PLUS: here's convincing evidence that Jefferson, despite his denials, is the most likely person to have knocked over the couch that his victim was asleep on -- from Duin's column:

Thomas' report also quotes Jesse Rudich, 18, who claimed "that he was the only one who saw the incident besides the combatants."

What's Rudich have to say today? Is he the mysterious couch-tipper?

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