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Friday, October 5, 2012

It's the water

The childish infighting at the Clackistan water board continues. We don't know precisely what the problem is with the governance of the water system down there. All the nasty babble going back and forth on the intertubes assumes that the reader has been following what's been going on. We haven't been. Is it part of the larger rebellion against the Portland agenda, or is it trouble of a different sort?

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The squabbling has been going on for many years, and is something completely separate from the lunacy of "governance" in Portland.

It's much, much worse. Pathological. Under the cozy covers of Teaparty-ness, dark maelstroms swirl under the domes of a handful of crazies who've hijacked the Clackamas Water District, madly waving their imaginary sceptres of self-righteousness, chanting half-truths and strewing red herrings and casting false light and aspersions as though they were black magic spells.

Malfeasance and incompetence are two of the kinder descriptions for what's been going on over there the past several years. It's gotten worse since the last two elections. They make Portland City Council look like Parliament.

Those Board members should heed the thunder rolling throughout the land now for all of them to resign.

For Clackamas River Water, a problem of governance
The Oregonian Editorial Board

There's a couple of Water Commissioners there maniacally searching for the strawberries while the steam over the District's towline, a la:


P.S.: A couple of the Board casualties to date, including former CRW Commissioner Mike Cardwell, are dedicated and decent public servants, who made like $50 a meeting, btw. The mean ones like to turn people who try to stand up against their circular rampages into roadkill.

The CRW dustup isn't related to the Clackastani Rebellion in any way.

Yep...as far as I can tell just a bunch of childish wack jobs.

The problem with rebels is that if you are not with them, then you are against them. Que the Tea Partiers.

The CRW has had 2 costly forensic audits in 3 years which found no fiscal funny. Yet the kooky commishes continue their cynical bullying. They truly cannot understand financial statements. They ask endless questions like 2 year olds. Maddening.

This is not related to the Clackastani rebellion at all.

Not sure why the Tea Party is referenced either. This has been going on for YEARS and they are just nuts.

Mojo, in L.O. our city councilors make $150/month, which is less than $50 per meeting. Not uncommon. Volunteers!

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