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Monday, October 8, 2012

In the long run, she'll be fine

Former Miss Oregon Rachel Berry, who gives her hometown as Burbank, California, ran the Portland Marathon in 3:55:43 yesterday. Her mom was also here, finishing in 4:44:04; and her younger sister ran the half in 1:55:53. Pretty impressive all the way around. They're good people, from what we can tell -- just not Oregonians.

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And what was Paul"Run and lie about it" Ryan's time?????

The irony of a 20 something year old like Rachel Berry facing more consequences for a residency gaffe than a candidate for mayor is still sinking in for me.

It was nice that you posted something nice about Rachel and her family. If you have ever run a marathon, you know there are no short cuts in the months of training or starting and finishing the event itself. Rachel does not take shortcuts to accomplish her goals---never has. Too bad the state director never stepped up to admit that she was to blame.

I ran three marathons when I was about Rachel's age. It's beyond tough. Her mom doing it is also quite a statement. And if I could do a half in the sister's time, I'd be one happy old guy.

NEPguy nailed it for me.

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