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Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Dogs won't hunt

The Jets gave us a thrill, but their win slipped away like a Mark Sanchez fumble, and so only one player in our charity pro football underdog game wins points today -- a mere 3 at that. We have one player in the running tomorrow night; otherwise, the standings are as they were last week, but with Juicen moving up to 15 points, in eighth place.

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I was burned twice this season by picking the Jets, and I'm glad I didn't triple down for a third. Sanchez is just one of those QB's, much like Romo, who looks brilliant one minute and mediocre the next.

Usual Kevin spot-on with that comparison! And just watch the Cowboys beat the Giants next week. Tough loss for the Jets. On the verge of turning into a lost season for them. Looking like they'll be favorites by 2.5-3 over Miami next week, though. Glad to see my "Best Bet" hit after I missed it last week.

Picking the Ravens seemed like such a good idea Sat night. I guess they built their 5-1 record up to that point by beating junior college teams.

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