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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another great Portland cycling moment

Hit by an Amtrak train.

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Is the train ok?

The operator probably isn't. He probably has just been drug tested and is now going to get the third degree. Probably because one of Portland's wonderful cycling "community" was in too great a hurry to stop for a railroad crossing. If that's the case, sympathy for Spandex = 0.

My guess is the nitwit cycler was wearing earBuds with his favorite death metal band roaring.

The good news here is that trains never hit pedestrians or people in cars ... oh wait.

Yes, and it's rarely the train's fault. It's almost always because the pedestrian or the car behaved stupidly, and that's immediately acknowledged by the media and the public. Will that be acknowledged here in Portlandia in this case? Never! Because cyclists in Portland are never held responsible. For anything.

Yes, the train's operating crew is likely to be drug tested, examined and cross-examined, while the locomotive, signalling, and dispatching data (including the locomotive's camera's video) are examined.

Even though the injuries are "non-serious injuries" the event will stay with the crew forever. As long as they live. Not ever be forgotten. This is a life-time event (among a few similar other events) for these people.

And, the passengers are delayed by two hours for someone's knuckle-headed behavior.

All because the train, unexpectedly, jumped in front of a bicycle.

It's always the train's fault since traffic rules (and guidance of common sense) don't apply to bicycle riders, who are special people saving the planet.

They should assess the bonehead cyclist the expenses his stupidity cost everyone else. Then they can lien on his bicycle, his tiny mobile house, and chicken coop. Not.

Amtrak is not light rail or a streetcar. It always has crossing guards. Either the guard wasn't down when it was supposed to be, or the cyclist went around it to his own peril.

I wonder if the cops had his blood drawn & tested under the DUI implied consent to search. Any follow up word on that?

Just the other day we were parked in the vicinity of N. Flint and Broadway. We watched bicycle after bicycle blow the stop sign on Flint. I remarked what a waste of money this entire bicycle infrastructure like bike paths, bike boxes and sharrows have been, as the bicyclists don’t heed them. If those millions had been spent on mental health treatment for the homeless, or fixing potholes and building sidewalks this city would have been much better off.

Not every bike rider in Portland is an entitled jerk like most of the commenters here seem to think.

It's obvious this guy wasn't paying attention, or thought he could beat the train. Perhaps he was riding beside it and fell off his bike, the article is so vague we don't know what really happened.

Based on the story it's likely his fault plain and simple. No one in the bike community is going to start demanding hyperbolic changes to rail road crossings to like this.

They're much more concerned about intersections that have real issues and have had many more injuries and deaths. Or they're concerned about bike safety on major transportation corridors such as NE Sandy Blvd.

These negative attitudes towards one segment of the population do no one any favors. All they do is increase the rift between the two groups and make it harder to figure out mutually beneficial solutions. Some people aren't going to give up their cars for any reason, and some aren't going give up their bikes (or can't afford a car.)

Some of us use both methods of transportation and are simply tired of the "Us or Them" mentality that is prevalent in this city and would rather work on a compromise that serves both sides.

"Because cyclists in Portland are never held responsible. For anything." I think there are some friends and families of deceased cyclists from Portland who might beg to differ.

This always makes you wonder who's going to win: the bike cults or the railfans.

I guess I'm clueless as to how someone on a bicycle misses a 300-ton Amtrak train. I mean, it's not like they just come out of nowhere, and move silently. It's not like they can just come out of a random alley, or make a right turn in front of you across a bike lane...

Not to mention, this is also one of the "quiet zone" crossings that all the folks in the Pearl District fought tooth and nail for, because God forbid, the railroad tracks were there for over 100 years but their buildings were built five years ago, and "nobody told them about living right next to an active railroad line!"

Just a half hour ago I saw two cyclists nearly get smacked by an AMR ambulance - code 3 (lights and sirens) that I could hear inside the restaurant I was eating in. I looked up and saw the bicyclists go through the intersection as the ambulance was trying to go through. Now, ALL of the cars were stopped...

Admittedly I ride a bike. Yes, I even have the bike shorts. But you know - I also wear a helmet, have multiple lights on my bike, wear light colored jerseys, and obey the law (that means stopping at stop signs and traffic signals). On a trail I use my bell and slow down before passing pedestrians. I don't wear headphones and listen to music.

And there's no way in hell I will support the Bicycle Terrorism Alliance. As far as I'm concerned they are either a gang, a terrorist organization, or a crime syndicate. I always get a good laugh when I see a car with the "Share the Road" license plates drive rather poorly...like the one that nearly caused me to wreck on my bike as it swerved into the bike lane right in front of me.

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