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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An early zombie

It's still a couple of weeks to Halloween, but here's an apparition from the political graveyard -- just in on our e-mail:

Does this guy have a day job? It would be a good idea.

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Don't worry about Dave or Jamie, Charlotte, General Boytoy Sodomy Sam. These are all good troopers for the Metro/Trimet/PDX/Salem elite cabal.
Neil and the Dr. will find good six figure jobs for them someplace soon.

Just remember, they know what is best for you.


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"Despite the efforts of some banks to ignore certain sections, this law has been helpful keeping homeowners in their homes."

How many lies can he pack into a single sentence? The law went into effect July 11, 2012 and only applies to non-judicial foreclosures filed after that date. It takes a minimum of 120 days [ORS 86.740] after the grantor of the trust deed is served the notice of default before the sale can be conducted...i.e. November 11, 2012. Thus, not a single homeowner has been "kept in their home" by SB 1522 to date. Any bank that has "ignored certain sections" is subject to the same civil liability as any other person who "ignores the law". I assume this reference is to the [only an unintended consequence to the grossly ignorant or Democrats, who somehow keep believing people will behave how they want them to behave, and not in their self-interest] banks' choice to by-pass the mediation provisions of the law by filing judicial, rather than non-judicial, foreclosures. Hardly shocking, since if you gum up the non-judicial foreclosure process with time-consuming and expensive mediation, and leave the judicial process unchanged, banks will take the quickest, easiest route [thus "ignoring" certain sections of the law]. There was serious discussion on the Bar's Real Estate Section listserve after this law passed and the Niday vs. GMAC decsion came down, whether banks would even continue to lend in Oregon, since the obstacles to realizing upon their security in the event of default have so increased. Of course the increased cost of complying with this brilliant "consumer protection" measure, will be paid by consumers/borrowers.

Dave Hunt is still a State Representative, and he's still communicating with his constituents (and others who have signed up for his email list). He does have a day job as well, with the Association of Pacific Ports. I'd suggest that if you don't want to receive emails from Rep. Hunt, you ask to be removed from his list.

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