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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teapot in a tempest

Divine intervention is changing the schedule at the Republican Convention in Tampa. So far, it doesn't appear that this venue is affected -- the coolest place in the area, although not as surreal as the GOP platform.

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I must be a bad person because I've been secretly dreaming that this would end with Mitt Romney on the rooftop of the convention center holding a sign for the helicopters begging for drinking water and food. You know...with a 5-day growth of stubble and no shirt because he had to tear it up for toilet paper.

Then he comes through it with a whole new attitude: "It's not about hedge funds for me anymore. I'm withdrawing to work for the People of Haiti." I want an epiphany here.

The best detail in one story was that the GOP is going to have 13,000 loaner umbrellas scattered around in bins for the delegates to use and then drop off.

First, good luck with an umbrella in a hurricane, but doesn't this plan also reek of creeping socialism? I mean the delegates will not own the umbrellas, because they can't enter the hall with them for security reasons. So this is clearly an assault on the concept of private property and a nod to Marx and Lenin.

As far as selling jokes about the situation, I thought I was doing pretty well, with a couple on national TV and many more on the radio. But that's when the comedy writers of America got schooled again by David Letterman who said a hurricane heading for the GOP convention was more proof that God is a woman.

That's the extra level on the divine intervention riff from one of the greats of all time.

Look for a solid week ahead on the comedy front and Prince Harry isn't going anywhere either. I predict a wave of "It was so windy it blew Prince Harry's clothes back on"-type jokes. God bless that kid.

Oh, and we're learning more about strip billiards. When someone says "Nice rack" it's not necessarily about the pool game.

Let's hope Mitt's money in the Caymans is taken to higher ground.

That was Bill's joke -- you read it here first.

I'm an independent contractor/ freelancer. Any association with anybody other than myself is just a rumor. I certainly wouldn't want to blow a gig over it.

Oh, and we're learning more about strip billiards.

That's the part that strains credulity. I mean, wouldn't Harry have been playing snooker?

Agreed, Allen, but perhaps the kid is trying to be multicultural. When in Rome and all of that.

Is this a sign or a metaphore?

As many other have already said, Isaac makes an eerie parallel to the 'vengeful' motive Pat Robertson held forth in Katrina, both spinning in the Gulf.
I sooner see the similarity of divine indigestion hitting Boehner's district when he got up to be Speaker, in this 2010 video: Giant Jesus ... struck by lightning.
Second place for the ongoing orgy of beach-blonde ogling at The Weather Channel 'Sex Storm' when and since NBC-Bain Capital bought it.

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