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Sunday, August 19, 2012

From Matt Wuerker

Copyright 2012 by Matt Wuerker. Used by permission.

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Obama enjoyed the benefit of getting the "young" vote last time around. That edge may go to the ticket with Mr. Ryan this time.

Really? Young people are into birth control and student loan forgiveness programs. They're not likely to be too excited about Ryan's take on those topics.

Young people are not into voting, Obama got them out to vote last time but not sure he can this time.

Paul Ryan actually was a pretty good pick for Romney. There were a lot of conservatives who werent sure they could hold their nose long enough to vote for him. Now they can pretend they are voting for Ryan instead.

Never underestimate a bright politician with killer abs and nice eyes.

I would be interested in seeing the final numbers after November. I think younger voters will go to the polls. I also think more of them will view Ryan as a more attractive vice-presidential candidate than Biden. What that will translate to in a vote for Prez is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure, they have not seen the change and they have lost the hope.

Obama doesn't help himself with quotes like the one in today's Sunday NY Times article on a corporate trend to replace workers with robotic assembly equipment. He says it will promote productivity and make us more competitive in a worldwide marketplace. And we've got to do it now because China's gonna gear up and we have to beat them to the punch.

Yep, my dream is to mimic China. Just like so many businesses destroy themselves trying to be Amazon.

Since he approves of this approach, I'm pretty certain there will be gravy, rewards and funds for those who want to take this approach but can't afford to install the robotic equipment (and probably some who can afford it and want to belly up to the bar). So we'll get to pay so that US companies can get rid of yet more of the manufacturing jobs that haven't already been outsourced.

I say make any loans or rewards conditional on retraining or incorporation of existing employees into the new set up. Dump US employees for robots? No gravy.

I'm not holding my breath. The cluelessness of this remark is only one of the ways I feel betrayed by the Commander in Chief. Yet I also know that if we dump Obama for Romney, a robot President is just what we're going to get. In a roundabout way, this post is about Ryan but only because clueless behavior may make him more attractive than he might have been at an earlier date.


TMZ says their topless photo of Mr. Ryan [the only one unearthed so far] was “taken roughly 6 years ago … right before Ryan got hooked on the P90X workout,” so they haven’t entirely solved the mystery of Mr. Ryan’s current physical condition. However, TMZ claims they spoke to “sources close to Paul’s abs” who assure them Mr. Ryan “has totally transformed his midsection in the past couple of years” and is now “totally shredded with a killer 6-pack.”

Looks like we're supposed to take the pundits word on those allegedly killer abs. Not unlike his "balanced" budget (for which Ryan himself says they "didn't run the numbers"), or his plan to save Medicare:

This guy is a walking Internet meme.

Don't forget the photos of Obama during the 2008 campaign:


The next 10 weeks are going to be interesting.

Actually, the next ten weeks are going to be ugly.

Actually, I am concerned about how ugly things may get after the election,
no matter who gets in.

Seen the cover of Newsweek yet?

Max, Have you seen the blatant lies from Niall Ferguson that the Newsweek cover covers?

The fact that Paul Ryan is a campaign issue just shows how incredibly blaw and vision-less are the two presidential candidates...

Allan, I read the article, if that's what you mean. I'm just wondering if this indicates that the romance is fading amongst our good friends in the media? A year ago, such a cover would have been unthinkable.

Of course, a year ago, Barry would likely have granted Tingles an interview.

In any case, perhaps you should communicate with Ferguson regarding his "blatant lies".

In any case, perhaps you should communicate with Ferguson regarding his "blatant lies".

I think he's been made fully aware of the critical reaction to his hackish piece. Have you?

All of the younger voters I know, these are the "millenials", see Romney/Ryan for what they truly are and continue to support President Obama.

Allan, since you're the one with the problem, I suggest you write to him. After all, if he's a hack (isn't it interesting that someone as open-minded and tolerant as you is apparently unable to disagree with anyone without resorting to name-calling?), then you should of course write to him and set him straight on the "facts".

As I noted previously, I'm just wondering if this indicates that the romance is fading amongst our good friends in the media? A year ago, such a cover would have been unthinkable.

Of course, a year ago, Barry would likely have granted Tingles an interview.

Instead, he's doing interviews on hot shows like ET and The View, where he discusses important issues of the day, such as the effect of Kim Kardashian's possible matrimonial difficulties. I find it fascinating.

Do give Ferguson my regards.

Anyone married to Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be especially attuned to Obama's contemptible positions vis a vis Islamic fundamentalism.

(Let me bow deeply to King Abdullah and receive a gift of a gold necklace from him as big as the trim on a camel's saddle! Let's work to make sure women in America can wear the hijabs even on the roller coasters, and go on the haj whenever they feel like it and keep their jobs!")

It's a great thing that the maggots of Big Journalism finally had to share their platform with someone, who, er, has a little bit more real-life understanding of the world we live in, and why Obama is such an utter failure as a leader of this nation.

Max, Ferguson writes falsehoods and commits fraud and deceit (by his own -- admittedly indirect--admission -- in the service of a mendacious, grasping political campaign by Romneyand Ryan. Whataboutthat factual statement reflects intolerance or a want of open-minded ness. Itis basedonobjective fact, along with the fact that such conduct makes Ferguson an unethical hack.

Allan: As I've mentioned, you should write him with your concerns. So far, all you've provided are your claims - without backup material, naturally - and name-calling.

Now, you've added unsubstantiated claims of fraud in a very public forum, opening yourself to legal action should the individual you've named choose to pursue such recourse.

You seem unhealthily fixated upon Mr. Ferguson, when as noted previously, my interest is purely in regard to the question of whether or not such a cover story presages the souring of the media's long romance with Barry.

Rather than address the larger issue to which I refer, you focus a series of rants upon your unsubstantiated claim that the author of a Newsweek cover story is engaged in fraud and deceit, which is a stupid set of accusations to make in a public forum - as noted above.

Allan, you have destroyed any potential for personal credibility.

And exposed yourself to potential liability.

Max, I doubt that Ferguson will care much about what I have to say about his hack piece. He is likely to be more concerned, as he evidently already is, with critics who have a real forum like Atlantic or the Washington Post. Here is an example: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/wp/2012/08/20/the-worst-case-against-the-obama-administration/
I am not citing these extensively because they are easily found by anyone with the interest and access to the web.
No doubt many in the media and the public are disenchanted with the President, as you suggest. If I am "fixated" on Ferguson and his Newsweek rant, it is because I think political judgments should be based on facts rather than on lies, manipulation and prejudice. That is my reason for continuing to encourage you to face up to the factual and ethical transgressions in Ferguson's writing and his appalling record of mistakes, misjudgments and false predictions.
As to libel: truth is not defamatory.

Allan: I've seen the Fallows piece, and find it more than a little unconvincing. It's clear that he - like you - harbors a profound dislike of Prof. Ferguson; unlike you, he attempts to substantiate his position, whereas you simply accuse.

Please note: at no time did I suggest that you may be subject to a charge of libel; I noted that you have exposed yourself to potential liability, and that you've effectively shredded any credibility that you may have intended to bring to the table.

And again (one more time): what started you on your set of tirades was the simple query - Seen the cover of Newsweek yet?

Your responses have been almost rabidly breathless, and incessant. It took several posts before you were able even to mention the possibility that media, as I suggested, may be falling out of love with Barry. A year ago, such a cover would have been unthinkable in any media format.

And the reaction from others in the ever-so-tolerant Left has been highly entertaining:

can the DOJ ban the cover. Stop the circulation as its not honest

Ban them or fine them

wouldn't the Fairness Doctrine be something that might apply in this case?

Newsweek Magazine Needs to Be Put out of Business Permanently

In other words, very similar to the tirades you've been giving vent to, though you appear to hold a personal grudge against the author. It makes me wonder if you at some point took a history class from prof. Ferguson and received a poor grade, such is your vitriol.

Note to self: need to pick up more popcorn and soda. The rantings of the rabid Left are comedy gold.

Allan: Ooooh! A Typepad blog! Man, that's just so impressive; great reference there, dude.

Just don't go near the substance, Max. Nothing there for your kind.

Oh, so glad that you've completed the ni*****ization, Allan. Just like your pals at MSNBC. It's all you have to offer "my kind".

Goodnight, and goodbye.

Should you ever mature, maybe we can chat again.

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