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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dean Wormer had nothing on these guys

The folks running UC Nike are a sorry lot. Here they are, waiting for the ax to fall on their football team's awful recruiting violations, when out comes this story. The university administration has hired a political consulting group to try to influence a student referendum on building a new student union building. The consultant's suggested strategy?

painting opponents of the project as "narrow minded," "stuck in (the) past" and "stubborn," and... the pro-renovation campaign should focus on the theme "keeping up with the Pac-12" in student buildings.

There has been a lot of sad news from Eugene in recent years, but this is nothing short of pathetic. And for what end? A juicy contract for the construction company goons that own government in Oregon?

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"painting opponents of the project as "narrow minded," "stuck in (the) past" and "stubborn,""

Hey that's the Mystery Train to Milwaukie campaign.

Come to think of it that's the campaign used for every crony racket project.

And besides, why should we waste money on those damn ingrate students, who aren't even buying enough tickets to sell out the meaningless football game against Arkansas State and Storm Door?

"awful recruiting violations"

Look, UO sports are undoubtably crooked, but paying a guy to try and steer players to your team doesn't come anywhere close to reaching any definition of "awful." Penn State completely changed the metric.

"Isn't this attempt to influence the student referendum, really an assault on our entire educational system? And isn't an assault on our entire educational system really an assault on our way of life? Well, I for one will not stand by as these administrators attack the United States of America."

paying a guy to try and steer players to your team doesn't come anywhere close to reaching any definition of "awful."

Er, you left out the fraudulent coverup part.

Thanks Otter...I mean, Bill...perfect.

Animal House! In so many ways.
And the current student union building is SO retro! Isn't that supposed to be cool? Maybe it should be declared a historic landmark; after all Animal House was filmed there.

Dear University of Oregon Public Records Officer:

This is a public records request for copies of all emails or other communications between UO Student Government President Doug Neidermeyer, UO Dean Vernon Wormer (or any other UO employees) and employees of RBI strategies, involving their efforts to influence the outcome of student referenda and OUS authorization of $85 million in bonds for the Student Union and Rec Center expansion. I also ask for all contracts and invoices between UO and RBI since 1/1/2010.

I ask for a fee waiver on the basis of public interest, as demonstrated by fact that Animal House was the top 57th grossing movie in history (after inflation adjustment) and that public can therefore be expected to be interested in the story behind this real life version.

Yours, UO Matters

Great move, UOM! Greatly appreciated.

Now I'm not going to stand here in front of all of you and say we didn't take a few liberties with the Academic Budgets.

We did.

"painting opponents of the project as "narrow minded," "stuck in (the) past" and "stubborn"...

That's also the strategy used by the current crop of corrupt creeps running Lake Oswego regarding the streetcar, Foothills development, the proposed 60,000 square foot library, the taking of private back yards through the ludicrous "sensitive lands" ordinance as a "land swap" for their development wet dreams elsewhere, and other waste-of-money projects that those annoying "citizens" have the temerity to question.

Oh, and don't forget the "it was voted down (or the survey results were negative) because "voters (or students) just didn't have enough information or have been given misinformation or false information (otherwise known as the truth or actual facts).

No doubt "Laura Hinman, incoming president of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon" was intentionally inserted into that position to spread the "previous referenda failed because not enough students were engaged in the process and they needed more information" propaganda. Too bad this young woman is allowing herself to be used as a tool of the UO administration.

One has to wonder why any of these corrupt, crony capitalism-based entities are still paying consultants to suggest using these same tactics. They should have the playbook down pat by now. I guess the urge to waste more of the taxpayers money is too strong to ignore.

The rumor is that the administration is actually paying students to organize in favor of the renovation.

Just example of UOregon officials corrupting the morals of young people, Jack. Hey, new Attorney General: wassup?

Remember: The Oregon A.G. provides the in-house lawyering of Oregon's state higher education institutions. Or, maybe -- if students are being paid by UO officials to be shills for the construction scheme -- that should be "Hire Education."

Right, Attorney General Rosenblum?

One can only imagine how the UC Nike brass will behave if they get the independence they're always whining about, and have even fewer people watching over their shoulders.

Students are ignorant and dumb. Is that why they are at UO?

"Double secret cash payment, Sir?"

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