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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Predicament in Portlandia

The bird is the word on SE Clinton Street:

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Not only found, but safe in the finder's coop! That's awesome.

This is a good reminder to microchip all of your household animals.

So interesting that the person that happened to find him had a coop!

I suspect the finder had a friend with a coop.

Who needs a coop..
I have a new BBQ

In our neighborhood the poster would have read "Was this your chicken?"

Careful, I dialed the number and a coyote answered.

Chicken renditions. Next we'll be seeing lost chicken pix on paper coffee cups.

I think that was a typo, soup not coop.

We are chicken converts in that neighborhood as well. Had to check our back yard after we saw the chicken poster, but our Black Copper is there and clucking. The thing is that the majority of the compostables that the city now put in the green bins is prime chicken fodder. For those of us who have been composting for years the chickens have been great for the total self contained disposal system. Add a helping of chicken manure to the composters everytime you clean the coop and the nitro keeps it cookin at a great rate. When the compost is cooked, pop the lid and the chickens scratch and spread the compost. No extra garbage trucks, no stinking mess waiting around to get picked up, no imposing your garbage on Lents Neighborhood to be put in a stinking heap and blight that area even more than the PDC shrink wrapped buildings.

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