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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Metro now running polls for Pamplin

Portland's Metro regional government does some daffy things. Its "Opt In" survey club is one of them -- asking loaded questions of the agency's self-selected faithful. But lately Metro's gone a little further off the deep end, purporting to conduct a poll for its "partner," Community Newspapers, run by the private Pamplin media organization. It's more than a little odd:

Newspapers and government should not be "partners." But now that Pamplin's selling concrete to Tri-Met, that's apparently what we are going to get in Portlandia. It's sad.

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As is my habit, I responded to the poll. Answers I am sure they didn't want for their tightly constrained little "push" questions. I made liberal use of the comment boxes.

It is a Metro contractor who actually runs the polls AIUI.

Is Metro actually paying the contractor to do this Pamplin focused poll which looks like a readership project for Pamplin? If so, why is Metro using my hard earned tax dollars to pay a contractor to do a poll which primarily benefyt Pamplin''s publications?

I have a lot of questions for Carlotta Collette, my Metro councillor, and for Metro's auditor. And for Willie Week, too.

I know the Tribune won't investigate, and I doubt the Oregonian will, either, though it might be worth a cc:: to Beth Slovic.

Newspapers and government should not be "partners."

No, they shouldn't be. Where is the investigative reporting and detail reporting of both sides of an issue? Government comments and press releases seem the norm here while citizens opposed to a situation get a sentence in the press if lucky.

Then to get results wanted, the surveys and polls.

Why this poll and what will it be used for?

I answered the questions on this poll with candor and even a bit of anger. I hope I didn't go overboard, but now they know at least *one* Oregonian that doesn't like to read crappy papers.

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