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Saturday, July 14, 2012

But most of all, I did it my way

This weekend, we have continued to buck tradition and drink bloody Mary's just before supper. With fresh tomato juice from Kuenzi Farms in Silverton and Medoyeff Vodka from Portland, you want to be awake and alert for these beverages.

However, having been duly chastised by readers for not including sufficient solid vegetable matter in the glass last time, this evening we inserted a celery stalk:

Last night it was a cucumber wedge. But that's it until we see Mr. Kuenzi again at the Buckman Farmers Market -- we're out of his fantastic juice. We do have the lamb slim Jim's from the stall next to his to hold us over, however. Summer is grand. Life is grand.

Comments (7)

Not for the lamb.

True, that.

Celery in it's finest iteration.

Jack, kinda puzzled here about the orange color of the tomato juice. Was it from an heirloom variety?

Lamb slim jims - Mmmmmmmm.

Lamb slim jims?

Oh my.

Jack, looks great.

Have not had the pleasure of the Kuenzi juice yet however I shall be looking.

Give Indio Vodka a whirl, also a local brew and dang good Hooch.


And if you are really serious about Vodka
the best of the best. Yeah it is from Texas but WOOOWSER!


Both are also very reasonably priced and locally available.

Enjoy your radioactive vodka.

The most surprising thing isn’t that the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco tests alcoholic beverages for radioactivity, but that it rejects any alcohol that doesn’t show radiation as “unfit.” What’s the reason? Any alcohol that has zero radioactivity must have come from very old carbon, and that usually means the alcohol has been manufactured from fossil fuels. After burial for 100 million years, the radio-carbon in the original organisms decays, and Congress has decreed that such alcohol may not be legally consumed. The argument that it’s unfit probably has more to do with politics than with science, since there’s no scientific reason why fossil fuel alcohol would be any worse than alcohol from grapes.

Read the full text here: http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/10209#ixzz219ZO6Wm3

(Apologies for the late comment, I just remembered this alleged fact.)


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