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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things get bloody at the O's sister

The New Orleans newspaper, the Times-Picyaune, owned by the same folks as Portland's Oregonian, laid off about a third of its workforce yesterday. Of the 173 people in the newsroom, 84 were let go. It was announced a few weeks ago that the paper would be cut from daily publication to three days a week.

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There was a rumor a couple of weeks ago that they were going to be severely cutting back print editions. When I was a kid, I had three large paper routes: for the Chicago Tribune, the Sun-Times, and the Peoria Journal-Star.

The PJS carried more news and more pages than today's Oregonian.

I just wish the O would stop leaving papers on my driveway. I don't like being a fake circulation number!

In a city that proclaims its' "greenness", why we even still have more dead wood thrown at our driveway each day (despite having not renewed our subscription months ago) to put into the recycling bin so that a big huge diesel guzzling truck can haul it off...seems like it's not very "green".

Well, we do need some newspaper to line the compost bins that have been forced on us, no?

Too bad about the PI. It was an actual newspaper. It had the only good coverage of Katrina and it has been doing good stories about the Gulf oil spill and its aftermath.

Totally unlike the O which seems to just rewrite press releases.

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