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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blazers have hired a general manager

They were his second choice, but they reeled him in -- a guy from L.A.

Now all they need are a coach, players, and a decent medical staff, and they'll be all set.

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That isn't that long to get a GM, look at Congress it's only taken 3 years to get a budget. Erm, maybe not.

I wish the guy good luck, no coach, 1 starter and two maybe starters. A president that is a puppet for an owner who wants veto power, but really has no ideas.

Remind me again why he left the Clips after this season?

Remind me again why he left the Clips after this season?

Because the Clippers owner makes Paul Allen look like the most stable/normal guy in the world.

Nice to see some movement. Let's hope it's forward?

Seems to be a biker. I guess we hope he has life insurance.

Wake me when they announce he has to have season-ending microfracture surgery.

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