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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The night was clear, and the moon was yellow...

It's been an interesting supermoon weekend here in Portlandia, with all kinds of stuff flying around. Political rhetoric, yellowjackets, bullets...

There was another gang shooting at Lloyd Center late last night. Two people were hit, both apparently bystanders. Meanwhile, some kid allegedly killed two people out in scary Southeast, reportedly over a cell phone SIM card. And west of town, two people were shot in a neighborly argument in St. Helens last night. The suspected shooter is charged with attempted murder.

This place is rougher than people let on.

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The dead folks were mother and son.

We obviously need to spend more money on condo bunkers instead of police.


Lloyd Center: shooting last night and a 50 person brawl the next night. Go by streetcar!

This city is sinking fast.

Was curious if Sammy had anything to say about the violence this weekend, so I googled him and instead got his 'blog' on the huff (puke). Didn't see one post on his twit account about it.


Someone please help us.

To be fair, the one double shooting was close to, but not at Lloyd Center. It occurred at the 715 Inn, which is somewhat notorious in its own right for fights, etc.

The shooting had nothing to do with the bar. It was between two gangster cars going at it on Broadway outside. But the bullets made it through to some poor gal inside the tavern.

And Broadway between 7th and 8th sure seems like the Lloyd District. Mince all the words you want.

StJohns--Are you kidding?

The Rose Quarter/Lloyd Center district...methinks that's what that area is called.

The shootings were between 2 cars driving on Broadway!! Hello...no one has said it was at or because of the bar!

I'm so fed up with this gang banger idiots at this point, I wish we could tack an automatic 5-10 on top any sentence for crimes committed as part of gang activity. Unfortunately, something like this (an innocent person getting hurt/killed in the crossfire) may be the only thing that galvanizes action, because the powers that be seem indifferent if the gangsters only get each other/stay in their "designated" areas. Next time, it might be a high school kid or a working joe getting a bite to eat at Chipolte, these gang bangers have no regard for anyone or anything outside themselves.

Or somebody going to work out at the Lloyd Athletic Club, or somebody shopping at Radio Shack, or somebody walking out of the Apple store, or somebody going to the movies, or somebody getting into their car in the mall garage...

There needs to be a serious police presence in the Lloyd District, but that isn't going to happen. Unlike the Occupiers, the gangsters are dangerous, and so you won't see the PoPo making a show there. So go the early stages of a slow-motion major tragedy.

Why not vote the gang bangers off the island ?

This article has an interesting example of how the skills of potential gangbangers get put to use. Too bad we can't recruit the Ovcupy people to bust the gangbangers.


Jack, unfortunately I think we're both correct in that assessment. The other sick thing about this is it would need to be a "perfect" victim as we described. The 715 Inn is not my cup of tea, but already I've read/heard people dismissing this as a shooting at a known seedy establishment - as if hanging out at a dive bar is grounds for a bullet. The gang problem needs to be addressed and corrected, and unfortunately, that will undoubtedly be messy. But rationalizing this/ignoring it as long as the bangers stay out of the "better" areas is not going to fix anything.

The message is that the people don't count, except for survey use, etc. and to pay and pay in order to continue the agenda that benefits a few. We are only being used and it feels like being swept along with an experiment. There is a disconnect between the illustration boards, plans and focus on the far future and the reality of now and immediate problems we have that are escalating.

The article about the 715 shooting  is a reprint of a very brief police press release. That bar had their license suspended a few years back because the dope dealing inside got out of hand and they had so many neighbor complaints about fights that the OLCC had to do something.  

7th & Broadway isn't Lloyd Center, and technically neither is Holiday Park, but I'm probably splitting hairs, so I stand corrected, I guess... 

Maybe  it doesn't make much difference 'where' exactly when homicidal teenagers do what they want where ever they happen to be, including expressing their feelings with a show of bullets, or mobbing.

The tragic scenarios you describe Mr. Bog have already occurred.  I wonder  what the street cops think should be done?

My, how times change. In 5th grade, a friend and I used to take the bus to Lloyd Center from the Glendoveer area. We would have a chocolate sundae at the Pancake Corner ($1!) or get a piece of Rocky Road at Van Dyne's, wander around looking at the latest fashion, and head back home on the bus. Just two young girls out for the afternoon. Imagine allowing your 10-year old daughter to do that now?

I wonder what the street cops think should be done?

Are there any left?

Things will need to get a lot worse before they get better. Portland is still a relative utopia with regards to the murder rate. New Orleans is X 12, Cincinnati x 5, Baltimore X 10, Newark X 10, St Louis X 7, DC X 5,
greater than Portland's 4 per 100,000.

The good thing is that it's been proven that city governments can sharply curtail the prevailing murder rates by adopting NYC standards of law enforcement. NYC has dropped its murder rate by 80% since they instituted broken window policing. Today NYC's murder rate stands at 1.5 X Portland's rate. Pretty spectacular.

Now, the part about getting the chuckleheads and the civil rights nannies to get on board with broken windows policing, well, it will take things getting a lot worse for the light to dawn on them. I read today about Giuliani's best talking point-greatcoat important civil right the government should guarantee is the right of people to feel safe on the streets of their neighborhood. Amen to that.

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