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Monday, May 14, 2012

Portland crud, May edition

Are you like everybody at our house? Have you been tussling with hoarseness, a cough, and sinus trouble the last couple of weeks?

Sometimes it seems as though the bugs of Portlandia run in cycles. We had the same symptoms at this time of year (or a little later in May) 22 years ago. We went to an urgent care center, where a newly minted doctor told us that he'd prescribe a pill, but he was all but certain that it would do no good. We started taking the pill and felt better in less than 48 hours.

It would be nice to get this one behind us, but it feels as though it's going to hang on for a while longer. Not debilitating, but nettlesome and draining.

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Speaking about "bugs" - my wife is recovering from a case of Norovirus. In fact, she was hospitalized for several days due to frequent diarhea and low kidney function. We suspect it came from unwashed fruit or one of our numerous reuseable grocery bags. Just one more reason why there is nothing wrong with uncontaminated plastic or paper bags from the supermarkets..

Fortunately there is no disease known as Portland Crud. You may will be afflicted with allergies, any of anout 1 squillian viral maladies. Soldier on...

I call it the Fuku blues....and speaking of nettlesome, Urtica dioica aka Stinging Nettle is great plant made into tea brew which clears out all that gunk. Cold with a little lemon or honey, hot with a little lemon or you could buy some of that Lipton crap too I guess.

Jack, whooping cough is going around Portland. Several kids at Chapman school have it. At our house, we welcomed what seems to be a norovirus this morning, with all the attendant joys that come with it. Get better soon, everyone.

My wife has been coughing constantly for 3wks. 24/7. She's exhausted from lack of sleep and hacking all the time. We can't go to church, dinner, or take in a movie. Our doc gave her a nebulizer treatment, steroids, and cough syrup with codiene. Nothing worked and he says its definitely not whooping cough. Care to share what this pill was, Jack?

Desperate in Beaverton

It was a simple antibiotic, as I recall. The young doc was certain that it was viral and it wouldn't respond. But he was wrong.

The thing I've got now could probably benefit from an expectorant. But hey, I'd say try another doctor.

Whooping cough is epidemic in Washington.

I've wondered if that's what my household (farther to the south) has been afflicted with the last three or so weeks. I haven't been this sick this long for .... ever.

Bob, this was the most interesting link I found a week or so ago. Read this page or others; see what you think of this doctor's bona fide's and advice.


My Bride's been ill for a few days; coughing and whatnot - sore throat. I bought some Nyquill which allowed for a good night's sleep and reduction of symptoms. It's definitely not allergies, although she has those as well. Yesterday, during a gust of wind, I could see sheets of pollen blowing from the Doug fir and Ponderosa pine in the yard. I understand that conifer pollen's among the worst for allegies; fortunately, we have good air cleaners in the house.

BobM: It sounds like your wife might have a case of pneumonia. I had almost identical symptoms a couple years ago. A simple chest x-ray will confirm if she has it.

Thanks Dave. Chest x-ray yesterday afternoon. She actually insisted on it. Negative. Nothing there. Baffling.

I’ve had a chest X-ray, went through a prescribed dosage of antibiotics, changed my diet and did all the healthy things recommended by doctors and friends and still can't get rid of the occasional phlegm crud and cough I've had since mid December.

Another thing I'd recommend: mucus thinner. It's over the counter and should be cheap.

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