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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead...

... and Willamette Week still hates Eileen Brady. Having assassinated her candidacy, the sort-of-alternative weekly continues to pound nails into the coffin here.

Note to WW: Guys, you won. The next mayor of Portland will be either Hales, whom you endorsed, or Smith, whom you created. You managed to inflate a semantic debate over the word "founder" to greater prominence than (a) tax fraud or voter registration fraud, take your pick, and (b) the mental instability of a lawyer who drives while suspended and blows off court dates when he's busted for it. That's enough of a media accomplishment right there. Brady's gone now. Let her go.

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Actually, I thought the article was a pretty insightful analysis of the primary campaign. I initially supported Brady, but was turned off by her enthusiastic support of the big construction projects (haven't we had enough of that?) I voted for Fernandez. I was really disappointed that the media only paid attention to 3 candidates, when there were others in the race who were viable alternatives to the establishment folks we are stuck with in the general election.

Eileen Brady will be back in the next election for an open commission seat. Maybe that's what WW has in mind here.

Sure wish some journalist somewhere was interested in Hales' commiting fraud. (Besides Jack I mean.)

I love the line about the lessons the voters should learn from this.
But first, spare me the indignation. I'm not going Godwin Law here, I'm going comedy. I thought the line was funny in a familiar way. There was nothing funny about World War 2. I'm going American TV series with this round, Alex. I'm going Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes.
Imagine this with his voice:

"It has come to my attention, that some of you voters did not go with the official candidates of the machine. You supported one of zee candidates not officially endorsed by zee party. I don't know what you were thinking, but let me assure you she has been dealt with quite harshly. Now it is time for you to learn your lessons from this regrettable incident. There has never been a successful outsider run under my watch. Do you hear me? The old colonel let Bud Clark sneak in, while Sergeant Schultz was asleep, but he has been replaced.
It is now time for you voters to learn zee lessons. Do as you're told. We will tell you who you will vote for and you will obey us. Do you understand this? Have you learned your lessons? Good. Dismissed!"

Good one, Bill.

Wow, Jack, you give WW too much credit.

A former editor of the Dallas Observer had a lovely habit that may have some bearing here. At parties and public functions, he'd waddle up to public figures, local writers, and just about anybody else from whom he expected obesiance, and sneer "You, OF COURSE, know who I am, don't you?" If the answer was the appropriate one, such as "Yes, Master" or "Take me like a big funky sex machine," that person was untouchable. If the response was appropriate, such as "Should I?" or "Oh, how cute: someone dressed up a cane toad like a little person", he went out of his way to slam that person in print at any available opportunity. It never once occurred to him that not everyone in the city was obsessed with his comings and goings, and wouldn't recognize him on sight just because he was editing a barely readable weekly.

Based on the snark in this, I suspect that some editor at WW walked into New Seasons Market expecting special treatment for His Royal Snowflakeness, found that nobody cared, and his fevered letters to Brady demanding that the peasants be be flogged received either no response or peals of laughter. The level of intensity on the continued sniping suggests it, because usually that amount of effort is only expended by a weekly when the editor plans revenge on the guy who nicknamed him "Spaz" in high school.

I went to New Seasons this weekend. There was a palpably deflated mood, maybe my imagination. My husband read about the runoff and got really irritated: I can't believe this is the choice of people we have.

I think that the Adams saga will lie like a low fog for some years over this city, making it even less politically functional than it was when he was voted in.

I find WW's (and other media) history on this mayoral campaign as perplexing.

They spent much time exploring how, what, when Brady made money. But they never delved into Smith's income flow. How has he been having his lifestyle since he left his less-than-a-year beginners attorney job on a bus driver job? Or why would a Trolley executive like Hales making double six figures want to save a few thousand in tax dollars by having his bed/foot in two different states?

These two are now our choices, unless you want to make a write-in choice. Thanks media. Too bad you didn't ask Scott Fernandez, Brumm and Dant to join in.

"I think that the Adams saga will lie like a low fog for some years over this city . . ."

Try low-grade poisonous gas, like the one in Peter Straub's novel, FLOATING DRAGON.

Brady was far from my ideal version of a candidate, but for me she was the best of the "big three" (again, not saying much). But the irony of Portland's "progressive" weekly eviscerating a successful businesswoman with the requisite liberal bonafides is pretty rich. If Lars Larson had led this kind of assault, the reaction would be much different. Also, the Wily and the O have paid mere lip service to the issues lw brought up about Smith and Hales, yet Brady got demolished in print - and now we get the spiking of the football just in case she's thinking of running for dogcatcher or something of that ilk in the future.

"Not only do I not want to vote for her now, I think I might stop shopping at New Seasons."

That was what a friend said after attending one of Brady's early campaign events. She just couldn't create a compelling case for why anyone should vote for her, and didn't have the organization to get out the votes of people who really care. Her ads (which blanketed the internet) were patronizing and pandering. On paper she was a great candidate--in person, far from it.

Funny - usually incompetence is rewarded in Portland politics. I guess in this case untruthfulness and lawlessness trumped incompetence. Hell, that's what happened last time, too.

Portland, you're screwed!

And Sho Dozono quietly continues to do good work, thinking how close he came to serving four years hard labor in a pit of fools and grifters.

(Not saying that he might not have brought along a few vipers of his own, but nothing like this mess.)

Right-O, Jack! WilliWee's actions now could be compared to these crimes, especially for they way they're trying to f' with EB in the political afterlife:


Please God, inspire and propel some righteous mayoral write-in campaign to victory!

Deny Neil Goldschmidt his Last Hurrah!

P.S.: How about adding Hales & Smith's pix to the one of Welches David for the rest of the year?

Don't give money or votes to these men!

"Especially if they tell you that [fill in the blank]."

I have no idea what the point of that article was. WW never fails to confuse me. Everytime I pick it up, I can read pages and pages and walk away thinking "what's up with that [them]?"

Maybe this particular erection-lasting-more-than-four-hours is a vendetta over advertising. Does New Seasons advertise in WW?

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