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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty's where you find it

The New York Times has a fun contest going for young people: It invites them to "find" poetry in its stories. The students are instructed to take snippets from actual news articles and assemble them into poems of not more than 14 lines. The entrants must not add more than two words of their own to make the poem hold together, and so finding the right phrases can be quite a challenge.

Why should the kids have all the fun? Maybe we should try something like that with this blog. Pick a blog post -- any post -- and make a poem out of the words found therein.

The rules are pretty simple:

- Each poem must be 14 or fewer lines long.
- You may give it your own original title if you like.
- The poem itself should use no more than two of your own words. The rest of the words and phrases should come from some post on this blog, past or present.
- You might choose to write in a traditional poetic form, or not.
- Remember that in a poem, every word, line break and mark of punctuation carries meaning, so have fun experimenting with repetition of words, alliteration, assonance or anything else that enhances what you’d like to say.

We'll try to get the ball rolling here with this one from our Monday post about the water bureau:

Tears are 98% Water

This sordid little soap opera
"A suspension of effort to comply"
The usual water bureau watchdogs
Screaming and moaning
Fake expressions of disappointment
Massive hunks of construction pork at play
"It's how I do it."

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In downtown Portland
like a Fellini movie
when the puffballs come

I was struck how this blog post already reminded me of a haiku when I read it a few days ago, Jack.

I know, I was lazy, but I'm no poet and it's kinda early for me. :)

Haiku of the day:

Online sex
Corrupt Portland Police
Lure children

4.1 million 4-year-old twin babies in New York

only 569 were

The senator's

Undecided Resident

Another in-the-flesh encounter.
Great memories, except for the cockroaches
I confessed as we meandered.
We kept going, just for kicks.

If you're just wandering around
It looks and feels quite fine.
The real question is how far you can get.

The day grew a little hotter, and we got a little sweatier.
It dawned on me what a good time I was having.

We now have all the heartbreak:
alcoholism, family problems, depression.
It has the distinct tendency to kill the spirits.

A gorgeous day with a great guy
is the perfect antidote.

From the housing post:


We see a new merging of moderate disarray
A collection, inherited
Shared soft chaos delivered
To dependent development
Existing arbitrarily.

(Unwieldy to the eyes, we report).

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