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Monday, April 9, 2012

On a roll

We're down but not out in Mayoral Madness. Here are some more endorsements that we picked up over the weekend:

Multnomah County Government Employees League
Portland Chamber of Commerce
The Bust Project
League of Consternation Voters
Guffman Peak Oil Society
Former Portland Commissioner Mildred Schwab
Occupy Dunthorpe

There's still time to pull this one out of the fire. Please take a few seconds to go here and help us make it to the Final Four!

UPDATE, 12:39 p.m.: This just in -- we've been endorsed by Jefferson Smith's brother, Hoover Smith.

Comments (9)

For what it's worth, my friend Vera's cats are all pulling for you.

And my friend Charlie in Washington hails your campaign.

My office was good for at least 7 votes this afternoon. My assistant has 200 Facebook friends (I know), and hopefully her plea for more votes will give you a little surge here at the wire.

There's always the rural vote that comes in late.

What do you get if you win? Frankly, you might think about throwing the race if you can get a discounted rate from Jody.
Not for you, of course, but for a friend.

And don't forget those absinthe ballots!

What happened to the Jersey vote?

Jack, I have done all that I can to legal votes for you. But there is another "legal" route. I've experienced this while submitting my ballot at the ABoy ballot box.

Twice, a guy comes with a whole cardboard box of ballots. I asked him "what's up?" as I waited patiently as he stuffs them in. He says he goes around the Lewis & Clark dorms and "entices" students and whatever to vote. Then he delivers. There's your opportunity. In fact a "A" or "B" grade for your students for a vote is totally acceptable. Ask the Bus People. They even give out slightly paid intern positions for this kind of help.

Don't forget the Boardman, OR bar association...wait, that's just me!

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