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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mug shots on dead trees

The Oregon Voters' Pamphlet arrived in the mail yesterday from Secretary of State Kate Brown. Some years, this booklet gets us excited, but in this primary, not so much. There are quite a few uncontested races and unimportant housekeeping ballot measures to flip through, and relatively few contests worth looking at: Holton-Rosenblum, Portland mayor, two City Council seats, two statewide judicial races. Nobody filed a statement against the Multnomah County library tax levy -- not even a nut or a prankster! Anyway, all those photos of local politicians have left us feeling mildly nauseous.

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Doing a cursory check of Florida State University's website, I don't find that they offer an Associates Degree in.... anything.

"The Evergreen State College" in Olympia?

Not good.

Not to be snarky, but is Eileen Brady putting on weight the closer we get to election day?

She's gone from this to this to this.

Could be the gluten-free diet.

Ah heck. I lied. I am being snarky.

To be honest, she looks like a friendlier person with the extra weight.

Any idea why the candidates are listed alphabetically? Usually, they do a random draw of letters and do it that way.

Grammar gestapo here: 'Nauseous' is the effect, 'nauseated' is the affect.

While the institution may not be Ivy League at least the course of study Brady puts down actually exists...

And why does Tre's photo look like a mug shot...
Oh wait....

I always get a laugh at the photo and name of Jackie Dingfelder. Every election booklet, it's good for a chuckle.

Juxtaposition with Tre Arrow is priceless.

This whole booklet reminds me somehow of a lineup of petty thieves, pimps, and hookers. The Korean pastor who wants to make Portland part of the Pacific rim is the most interesting mayoral candidate, apart from Max Brumm, who is cute as they come and sharp too. You never know until you scratch the surface, tho. Who knows, maybe he's a 9/11 truther.

We have a friend, 23, (the only other conservative with whom we have a social connection in Portland, he reports on his Facebook page under political affiliation:"Republicans annoy me the least," which is exactly, precisely where I am on the political spectrum at this point. The only face on the lineup in the pamphlet that gave me even the slightest bit of comfort was Mitt Romney's, and it was a meager ration of cheer.) He reported to us when he came over for dinner yesterday that down at PCC this week he discovered there was a 9/11 "study group". Naturally interested, he hung around...only to find that everyone there was a conspiracy theorist. He shrugged, laughed, said, "yeah, you would have really lost it. But I did my best to give them a run for their money, and I managed to stay calm too. It's so depressing, though, the way when you try to talk to them they just start talking about physics...."

Portland is doomed.

Occupation: community activist, musician, performer, public speaker. Translation: Unemployed

Tre: "kitchen coordinator", is that a busboy?

I really hope that the mindless hipsters who have infected Portland elect Tre Arrow as their leader. The next four years would be fun to watch as that idiot stumbled around the stage trying to get the water bucket off his head.

Agreed. I'm so fed up I'd love to see Tre Arrow just for the laughs. Scare the other candidates a bit. Let them know that we think they are as foolish, or more foolish, than Tre Arrow.

I saw Tre Arrow when he was up on the ledge of the building downtown. That bucket was not for water.

I found references to an Associates Degree from FSU...If we had Scarpitti's DOB and year of graduation, we could verify if he ever got a degree.

I would expect him to lie about anything that requires conforming to a societal norm. The dude is seriously phreaky.

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