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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jail Ducks' weed habits make national headlines

But we locals knew it all along -- or at least, ever since the famous "We smoked it all" incident.

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Breaking News!! College kids also drink and have sex.

And smoking the weed is such a HEALTHY delivery system for the THC!!

"As long as you're staying out of trouble otherwise"

Yeah, like the Ducks have no other issues with trouble.

I'd think just for discipline sake and keeping the team at, ahem, proper motivation levels, you'd prefer they have a clear mind.

Gotta love this quote from former UO running back Reuben Droughns: "It's the weed capital of the world. Long dreads. Girls with hairy armpits. Where there's hippies, there's weed."

And after all the "Dead" concerts in Autzen, you can probably still get a contact high just from walking into the place.

Real nice.

Idiocracy, the movie - is it satire or prophecy?

Reminds me of a joke I wrote one time:

They asked Ricky Williams if he preferred playing on grass or astroturf and he said, "I don't know. I've never smoked astroturf."

Prohibition of alcohol, aided by money from the Rockefeller empire, was to ensure that oil was used as the only automobile fuel source (where Henry Ford wanted to use alcohol). In less than a decade that silliness was overturned. Suddenly all those enforcement folks had nothing to do. So BANG - outlaw the evil weed! Of course it also helped the timber barons as paper could only be made from trees.

So why are we now into the 7th decade of prohibition? Most of the trees have been cut down and China and Canada are growing hemp like crazy and selling it here for big money as American farmers are banned from doing so.

a) The enforcement/prison complex needs a steady income source
b) Unlike alcohol, anybody can create their own product so profit can be concentrated into a few hands
c) The 60's still scares the hell out of the ruling class
d) All of the above

I'm a somewhat recent Duck alum and I'd like to think I have a reasonably clear head about the plusses and minuses (and there are plenty of both) of the football program's success of late. With those biases disclosed, I have to say, I had a difficult time working up much outrage over this story. College kids smoking marijuana and playing video games? Ya don't say. What's next, cheap beer and late-night pizza deliveries?

Guess this is further proof Oregon football has hit the big time - several years worth of media outlets gunning for the program and trying to smear the athletes.

Cannabis: better for your health, and society at large, than alcohol since 1200 BC!

Yeah, because nobody ever smokes marijuana in Eugene, Oregon. Sure... :)

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