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Friday, April 27, 2012

It's for the children, not

While they're talking about trying out a new local income tax to fund arts instruction in the Portland public schools, it's interesting that the Port of Portland is circulating this:

For a half million bucks, why not hire an art teacher for a while, and you can fill the airport tunnel with the art that the students produce? What's that saying about "Teach a person to fish"?

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But could that teacher convince the students that "put a bird on it" was a viable art movement?

That's appalling, actually. It's a tunnel from a parking lot and it's not that important what it looks like. Put some posters on it and call it good. Nobody walking through the thing is going to stop and admire the art - we're all in a hurry to get checked in and through security. And, yes, $500K could pay an art teacher's salary for several years - money better spent.

It's true that PDX is one of nicest airports I've ever been in - it's also one of the least busy I've ever been in. Correlation?

It's PoP - another honeypot like PDC. They need to blow money on something besides lunches with someone like Mazziotti.

A reader correctly points out that these stunning works would be perfect for the airport space.

Sounds like a joke, but I've seen art from students that looks pretty good. An airport setting (or other like public environment) would be perfect. Really, who *stops* to look and appreciate the art, but a few. The rest of us are transitioning and in a hurry, but appreciate the atmosphere it presents. To some travelers, that tunnel is their entrance into Portland. Bare walls, really? Good idea, Jack. Have time to run for mayor?

I would bet that this construction project is subject to the One Percent for Art statute, thus the RFP.

The following is from the University of Oregon Libraries. (http://oregondigital.org/digcol/oac/percent.php)

Oregon's Percent for Art Program is the third oldest public art program in the nation and is considered a pioneering and innovative project for community cultural development. Enacted in Marion and Polk counties in 1975 and expanded statewide in 1977, the Oregon Legislative Assembly created the One Percent for Art in Public Buildings Program as set forth in Oregon Revised Statutes 276.073—276.090. The Percent for Art Program mandates utilization of "… not less than 1% of the direct construction funds of new or remodeled state buildings with construction budgets of $100,000 or greater for the acquisition of art work which may be an integral part of the building, attached thereto, or capable of display in other State Buildings."

Bare walls do make a good impression for a first impression of Portlandandyia. There is no there here.

Why are the Statements of Qualification due no later than 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time on May 1, 2012.

Last I looked, both the Port and the airport tunnel are in the Pacific Time Zone, and last I looked, most of the country (Arizona and Hawaii are "different) went on Daylight Time a month or more ago.

Really odd.

Is this from the 1% for Art rule? What a waste.

But if the money is required to be spent, I really like the idea of hiring an art teacher (or subsidizing a couple of art teachers in the schools) and putting their students' work there.

Alas, we Americans are an artless bunch. This project would be championed in Europe.

Thanks to Sammy, it's not 1% for Art. Not anymore: it's 2% for Art now.

Put a Bird on it.

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