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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Sam Adams doped up?

There are some moments in these two videos in which the mayor of Portland seems to be on some fairly strong medication. Check out "the opportunity to do" at around 0:45 of the top one. Then nearly slurred speech at 1:10. Stumbling for words at 1:35, then rambling like a guy who's been at the bar all afternoon. On the bottom one, 30 seconds in, he can't get the word "extensive" out of his mouth. Then nobody in his office has the good sense to keep these videos off the internet. Something's not right.

Comments (13)

He's a dope alright and doesn't need dope to be dopey. It's just his natural state.

It's all to cover the pain, so little time, so few bike lanes.....

An acting teacher once told me the best way to play a drunk is to play like someone trying too hard to seem sober.

Sam must've had the same teacher.

I watched the second one, and he didn't seem the slightest bit doped up to me.

You're not serious are you? I didn't see anything like you noted.

What bothers me is that the word-tripping could easily have been edited by any 10-year-old with iMovie. Why would you choose to not clean it up?

I’ll take you word for it without watching the video. I am going to lunch today at a great PDX spot and I don’t want to ruin my appetite.

Sam Adams is an ass, but this posting is just silly. It's plain in the first video he's just inserting a clause in a sentence, not stumbling incoherently. In the second, he's simply reading from a teleprompter. He guessed the word wrong and corrects himself mid-syllable.

The guy creates plenty of opportunities (real ones) for criticism - and mockery.
No need to plump up something like this.

I'd go a step farther and say that the language he uses about this case needs to be very precisely worded to avoid any sort of lawsuit from Officer Frashour or the police union. If you detected anything out of the ordinary, I would guess it was Sam being nervous after being instructed to stay exactly on script with this one.

Agree with Dave J., but have to say the mayor really looks kinda whacked but that may be camera angle.

I think he looked okay and just tripped on a word. I don't see signs he was loaded.

And I can't stand him!

I wouldn't say that he's stoned. I'd just say that his natural form of communication is the vowel movement.

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