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Monday, April 23, 2012

From Matt Wuerker

Copyright 2012 by Matt Wuerker. Used by permission.

Comments (7)

I think Barry is a leftie, unless he throws left and kicks right!

I recognize Obama and Mitch McConnell (?sp) but is the guy holding the "taxes" can supposed to be Romney? If so, IMHO that caricature needs some work.

Kicking would imply that anyone between Obama and Congress has actually touched a budget.

I forget the last time we passed a budget in Congress. Dysfunctional would be a compliment to this govt.

Holding the Taxes can is Boehner.

The money is burning up in flames.

Wuerker was way too generous with McConnell's chin - the primary one, not the secondary. He doesn't look quite "turtle-ishy" enough.

Yeah, the dark orange skin tone should have been the dead give away for Boehner (as well as the context). Maybe tears running down his face would have helped.

Why McConnell? Harry Reid is head of the Senate; he's the one who has done NOTHING.

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