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Monday, April 9, 2012

Down in flames

We've been eliminated in the WW Mayoral Madness tournament -- defeated by the residents of that strange universe known as Jody Stahancyk. It's been a really interesting experience dealing with them, and we are glad that it's over. Thanks to all our supporters. And now, for a nice, long, hot shower.

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And I wonder how much WW ballot box stuffing went on? I'm kinda reminded of how other weekly papers run their various "Best of" advertising campaigns: if the approved candidate doesn't win, either add enough votes so they can, or create a whole new category so they can pass out an award anyway. (What scares me is that I can see Stahancyk whistling and waving about winning this, as if it means a fart in a high wind.)

Like the little kid said in the epitaph for his frog, "He was fun while he lasted!"

(Probably not too many better epitaphs.)

I'm sure WW would be fine with a Stahancyk win. But I wouldn't criticize her for parading around if she does prevail -- I would.

The contest has been surprisingly popular, and I'm sure it's brought in many visitors to the WW site. Good for them.

We all had a great time and Jack got to assemble his Dream Team and let us play too. It doesn't get much better than that.

Plus, Jack now knows how Sho Dozono felt.

Yeah, but it sucks to lose. Will you be back for the next election?

Will anybody verify the donation on the part of your former opponent? Or is it best to stand on the pier and let the ship sail....far, far away?

I for one wish that there was a write-in.

I voted as early and often as the next guy, but I find it hard to believe that Jody has that many supporters who would voluntarily vote for her. Jack noted a lot of late night voting. There were also all those troll comments about what a lovely woman she is doing her best "for the children". I would guess that Jack feels pretty much that way anyone involved in a legal proceeding with her. A shower doesn't seem to be enough to get the taint off. Blech.

We're looking at this all wrong. Jack managed to beat Packy the Elephant, a beloved Portland icon. This is legendary stuff.

Incidentally I recused myself from that election because I couldn't go against the elephant. I've sure as hell known Packy longer than I've known Jack, and loyalty counts with me.

That's the kind of sentiment Jack was up against.
And Jack still won.

Now, it's true he had to accuse Packy of humping a rhino to do it, but those are details.

Beating Packy was legendary.

When this is all over, that is what will remain from this election. Everything else will fall away into the recycling bin with last week's Willamette Week.

Agreed, Bill. Now we need to make Jack better known within local, national, and international media. By any means necessary. Hmmm...what would the Jack Bog equivalent of "Baba Booie" be?

Darn! I was looking forward to working with the Stenchter on environmental issues.

Don't worry -- rats are well represented in the Final Four.

I’m a fan and a regular reader of the blog, but I went ahead and voted for Jody regardless. For one thing, as I’ve known her for years, I was motivated out of fear. Secondly, anyone that’s familiar with her, the culture at city hall, and how the two would clash would realize it would make for the most hilarious reality TV show ever. The show’s ad revenue alone would get the city out of debt within two to three years.

Now that Jody has won this fake election and since I stuck up for her in direct opposition to the majority of post on this blog, I'd like to be considered for a position in her fake administration.

I think a good fit would be as Rumor and Salacious Gossip Control Czar. We've both been the target of such wrath and in one occurrence, from the same person (unrelated to this race), it seems only fitting that my skills at least rank a strong consideration.

Karma for damning me to Cleveland...

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