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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Come together

Being up against divorce lawyer Jody Stahancyk in the Elite 8 round of the insane, inane WW Mayoral Madness tournament is quite an experience. We're receiving unsolicited, unflattering stories about our opponent from many different quarters. It's hard to know how many of them, if any, we should repeat in our quest to make it to the Final 4. But suffice it to say that if we get a vote from everybody with an ax to grind with Ms. Stahancyk, we will have quite a tally come Monday night.

There are apparently still a couple of days before the voting in our contest starts in earnest, and so for today, let's just say that we're a uniter, not a divider.

Our opponent:




Could the choice be any clearer? A vote for Bojack is a vote for a kinder, gentler Portlandia.

Comments (10)

You selected both of my favorite Presidential poses!!

I'm with you, Jack. Having been labeled by Stahancyk as an "expensive to maintain" second wife to an alimony payer seeking a modification during the economic catastrophe of the past few years, I can attest to her unpleasant demeanor.

Stahancyk is also apparently unaware of the word "irony," since she labeled me as such while representing a woman who had never lifted a finger to earn a living and was supported her entire life by either her parents or her former husband. I, on the other hand, put myself through college and law school and have worked continuously since I was 14 years old.

She also accused my husband of being lazy and unwilling to work the hours he used to. That's right, Jody. It was he who decided to collapse the economy so he could make less money to support your college-educated non-income earning client. It's all part of our evil plan. Mwa ha ha ha!

Nice approach, Jack. The sweater's great and even Stenchy looks kind in your picture.

My pick for the office pool is noon Friday. By then this thing will go extremely negative and your new campaign slogan will be "Comment Deleted." Resist the cheap shots, people. We have to show some class at least until the weekend.

I'll start by saying Jody has a lot of dignity and the fact that she profits from human misery is her business. Please don't hurt me.

Love Stenchy's (and your) make-over, Jack!

Agree with Bill. If we sorry humans didn't give Jody so much business, would she be so successful?

But for the Mayor's race, my money is on Jack. A kinder, gentler BoJack.

Geez, someone put out an ad, we need more stories like expensive to maintain's. This is low entertainment of the highest kind.

Careful, Jack. If you run her stories, then there's no reason why she can't run stories against you. I'm sure that she'll find lots of basement-dwellers crying about "the AARP set at Bojack" and how you deleted their 3000-word diatribe on a completely unrelated subject when half of the diatribe was F-bombs. You're just a big meanie to the hipster set, Jack, and she'll probably give a voice to every linguini-armed faux lumberjack with a sneer and a dirty bubble-gum beard in the city.

Besides, what matters in this race is deeds, not words. Your opponent:




In fact, that's been your theme for as long as I've been reading your blog. "You want to get out of here? You talk to me."

I'll be writing in Luke Babbitt.

On an interesting note, your opponent has been having Willie Week scrub anti-Jody comments. That reminds me of the time she sent her minions out all over Portland collecting the Portland Tribune when Phil Stanford wrote an unflattering blurb about her.


She sure is taking this election seriously. If my hunch about her using sock puppets for multiple voting is right, she may be the first person in history to try to steal a pretend election. I wonder if this will end up in the Supreme Court a la Bush v. Gore?

"the AARP set at Bojack"

Whaaaaa? Does my withered old prose remind you of the grim specter of deaaaath?

Grampa Zeb

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