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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 2 of the Good Guy revival

We're pleased that the folks running the revived version of KISN Radio have signed on as a sponsor of this blog. They have definitely delivered on their promise to play a broader spectrum of oldies than any radio station heard in these parts in many years. Several of the old chestnuts they've played so far have floored us -- even with our own extensive archives, we haven't heard those tunes in decades. And a few that they've played are so rare that we don't even remember hearing them in the first place. But hey, we were in New Jersey and they were out here at the KISN window on West Burnside. Maybe they were all hits out here.

Surrounding today's ads with come-ons and announcements from the past is an interesting tactic. Some of us spent enough time with the transistors that we can sing along with the '60s jingles, and we guess that opens us up a little to the current sales pitches.

Of course, we'll look a gift horse in the mouth and mention a few things that we'd like to see the Good Guys add. One would be to get their stream going on iTunes, or at least graduate somehow to a feed that we can pick up on our phone. And when the DJs are actually live in the studio (which we assume is a lot of the time), they should say something once in a while that proves that they're really live and not canned. Sprinkling the Monkees in liberally when the news broke that Davy Jones died was a fine way to make that kind of statement. But a comment or two from the jocks would be a nice touch.

Anyway, even before they pungled up for an ad on this site, we were listening. And honest -- sponsor loyalty notwithstanding -- it's been good.

Comments (12)

I’m really enjoying the KISN revival. I remember when KISN first came on the air in 1959 and played the same song over and over, but announcing different songs. It sure got my attention. “Shall we start a revolution…”.

There is a song that has bugged me for years. I can't remember who sang it or the tune exactly. All I remember is that the tempo changes dramatically. No, it isn’t “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions”, but along those lines. I’m hoping if I listen to KISN long enough, they will play it and finally put my mind at ease.

Jack...As of the folks involved in a minor way with the new online KISN, thanks for the kind words. I know that Dave wants to have as many live shows as possible, but since this is basically a non-profit operation (ads are paying for the website and streaming) everyone involved is doing this for the pure love of bringing great radio back.

You don't need iTunes to get KISN on your smartphone. Download an app called Tunein. Plug in KISN and set is as a pre-set and you will be streaming before you know it. You can also just use your phones' browser to go to goodguyradio.com, launch the listen live player and then bookmark the player. If you do that you will want to put a shortcut to that bookmark on the "desktop" of your phone.

With the numbers Dave has shared with me of the number of people and the hours of programming that is being streamed, it looks like he might just have a hit!

Oh, and since you commented on the music, kudos go to Dirty Dave The Record Slave. Much of the music is directly from his collection of some 100,000 pieces of vinyl. Dave was right when he said during the sign=on that they couldn't have done this without Dirty!

Rumor is, in one hour...at noon on Sunday March 4....they will replay the same montage they opened with last week.

It's about 40 minutes of THE BEST machine gun AM DJ patter with a bunch of ads for Buxton Rambler and as Pat Pattee would say, "blast from the past..."

I want that first 40 minutes on a CD...just tell me how to buy it.

Bill, I can't get streaming with either TuneIn ("Kisn" reports "Invalid URL") or via Safari ("Click here to listen" link goes to "http://v5.player.abacast.com/v5.1/player/index.php?uid=6444") and nothing loads. iPhone 4, OS 5.0.1 (9A405).

Streams fine on my PC through Chrome.

And if you have an contact email on your website, I couldn't find that either.

What is the name of that first song that they played? It sounded downright rebellious for the late 50's.

"Teenage Bill of Rights" by Robby John and the Seven-Teens according to Wikipedia.

Now listening on the phone via TuneIn. Thanks for the tip!

Conrad...what phone do you have? I have no problem on my droid streaming through either the listen live link in the browser or via Tunein.

FYI...the opening montage was roughly 25 minutes long and ended with the 1976 signoff by Dave and the welcome to goodguyradio.com he recorded over "Ain't no Mountain High Enough." After that he was live...doing the thank yous to people involved in the project over "Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt Unlimited.

They must be pretty flush; they're running tv ads.

Bill, iPhone 4, OS 5.0.1 (9A405).

The proto-hippy ways were right and are back reviving radio in the nick o'time to rescue everyone from being sucked into the black hole across the dial of politicstalk collapsing. Happy birthday buh-BYE! LarsLarson, you are the piñata.

Man, Tensk, you can't stop the hate for a second, can you? Really, it's time to seek help.

I mean, I almost never hear Lars, though I catch a few minutes from time to time. But you see, I discovered quite some time ago that radios have tuners and on/off switches, which perhaps you can learn about after receiving medical treatment for your very obvious affliction.

With people like you running around, I can see why he carries a gun.

Do you think that at some point you could contain your hate-spew? Talk radio in general, and Larson in particular, has nothing to do with the KISN stream, and frankly, I'm growing to hate your schtick as much as you appear to hate Lars.

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