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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oregon Republicans give up the ghost

We are never going to belong to the Republican Party, but it seems a shame that they don't even give it the old college try in some statewide elections any more. Nobody in the GOP is going to take a run at Ted Wheeler for state treasurer, for example. And whoever wins the Democratic nomination for state attorney general will also face no opposition from the Republican ranks.

That is unhealthy.

Even token opposition would be better than none at all. It's tough enough to keep politicians honest when there's meaningful debate, much less without any. Perhaps a somewhat coherent third party will emerge in this state at some point. One can only hope.

At least there'll be some fireworks down in Clackamas County, where all the commissioners who are up for re-election have opponents. Which of the candidates are with the Clackistani rebels? Knowledgeable readers from down that way, please give us the word.

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Agreed. We have the exact opposite problem in Texas, with a lot of races going without any Democratic opposition at all, and now you understand why we're having problems, too. Between that and many of our officeholders running like scared rabbits from anything approximating an honest debate (with most preferring to hide behind attack ads), it's almost impossible to muster a good opposition. The fact that the Texas Democratic Party is a good ole boy network that would rather run loyalists than anyone with actual ideas or strategies doesn't help. It isn't healthy here, and it definitely isn't healthy in Oregon.

Where is it healthy in USA?

Portlanders need to take note of the Clackistani Rebellion...
long overdue here in pdx.

John Ludlow, running for Clackamas County Chair, is one of the Clackastani rebel leaders.

2012 Mar 08 Thursday 10:35 U (10:35 AM PT)

Jim Knapp of Oak Lodge running for Clackamas County Commission Position 3 is a true Clackistani.

I vouch for his street credibility since I first met him circa 2005 when he along with other thorns dared to challenge the necessity of the mega sewer plant – Clearwater I. He will be a voice for community activists, tax and fee payers. And have the effect of dropping a tanker (50,000 gal) of Lysol into the Clackamas County Commission Chamber on the 3_rd floor of the Public Services Building. To begin processes to rid Clackamas County of the greenmail effluent originating in Portland City Hall and Metro Center Headquarters.

You might catch him onscreen giving public comment to the 2011-2012 Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners at http://www.co.clackamas.or.us/bcc/business/

It will be delayed video – just checked.

Charles Ormsby (Skip)
Sentinel - Birdshill CPO / NA / Clackamas County / Dunthorpe

Clinamen, I think better PR is needed. Clackistani Rebellion should be Clackistani CommonSense.

The O came up with the Rebellion name, as well as "Anti-Lightrail" concerning allowing voting on the upcoming Lightrail Measure.

Jim Knapp is a straight up guy. We went to Grade School and High School together.

For some reason Oregonians are raised with the notion that democrats are 'for' the poor and republicans are for the rich.

Thus, democrats are always elected and everyone's always poor.

Oregon has a long history of being a one party state. From 1900 until the mid-1980s, Oregon was solidly Republican across the board.

After a few years of transition, it's become solidly Democratic.

It's an interesting contrast with Washington, which has historically been more of a two party state.

Portland Common Sense might just appeal to Portlanders.

Charles Ormsby (Skip),
The Portland City Hall Chamber needs a cleansing.
That new Stenchy program is a good symbol, fits right in, has been hard to enter those chambers, one has to brace oneself to testify before them knowing the outcome won't be in the people's best interests.
There may be those in Clackamas who might think the Portland people go along with this and haven't tried, some of us have, and perhaps others have just given up.
The insiders of course have their army of either believers and/or those who profit.
The deal is so tied up here and lock step, it needs to unravel or heaven help us.
Some of us view that the Metro plan has turned Portland into a sacrifice zone with the extreme density and congestion, and much more.
Good luck in the Clackamas efforts.
I know you have your hands full, but if you know people in Portland, tell them there is a choice this time to put three seats in for three votes for the people, and to keep insiders out. That would also help efforts all around, a breath of fresh air and better decisions coming out of Portland City Hall Chambers. We need to work together against the Metro machinery as well. What could we that are active in Portland do to help?

Ludlow is the perfect Clackistani candidate for the Chair.

Jim Knapp is great. I regular guy, blue collar, long time member of the water board and as one of the chief petitioners he went to work like no other on the latest signature drive for the Rail Vote initiative. The guy was everywhere.

Everyone out there likes him but the few fans of the establishment.

His primary opponent is the former chair Martha Schrader who used Urban Renewal to fund $40 million for the Green Line and $25 million for a mall expansion. She loves the Portland elite.

This is pretty darn funny. Look at the award recipients and sponsors


Not surprising. There really isnt any point in participating in local elections here any more. I usually just pick candidates at random on my ballot. They are all the same anyway.

I have done business with John Ludlow. Each of us represented the best interests of our clients. However, John came across as a team mate working toward a common goal rather than an adversary. Believe me, it doesn't always work that way. I have bumped into plenty of brokers who were so full of themselves that no business could be done at all and their client actually harmed. Two thumbs up for Ludlow.

Jack -- you really should visit the Executive Club on the first Wed of each month. You really have many fans and commenters there.

Last night we met this young guy in the cigar room:

Fresh faced, well scrubbed, and smart as a whip. He has good leadership skills, is teachable, but I don't think he will stray from sound principles. I am encouraging my Clackamas County friends to vote for him.

Any more, the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is one of them lies about why they want to take everything away from you and the other doesn't bother.

"Oregon has a long history of being a one party state. From 1900 until the mid-1980s, Oregon was solidly Republican across the board."

No it wasn't.

""After a few years of transition, it's become solidly Democratic."

It's becoming that way.

Oregon used to be much more an independent, maverick sort of state. Now it seems to be being absorbed as part of a West Coast borg.

Hard-fought battle in the last election cycle to split the legislative house. That has been an important change in this budget cycle. I'd rather see the Republicans win that fight than state elective office fights.

It's hard for a Republican to win a statewide office when the northwest corner is overwhelmingly Democratic. Also probably hard to find a Republican lawyer who wants to work (as Attorney General) for $77K a year.

The independent spirit of Oregon (so well represented in Frank Morse & Tom McCall; also Hatfield & Packwood relatively speaking) just seems to be a distant memory, a very distant memory.

The GOP has moved away from anything electable here in Oregon. With remarkable discipline in the ranks. If anyone were to rise here they'd have to be what's called a 'RINO'. Fox News told me about these guys. They are derided for breaking with the party. As if standing on a principal against your party is any reason to be derided.
elected here.

The people out here in Eastern Oregon are largely of the 'libertarian' wing of the party. Not all surely, but it's a strong sentiment. Perhaps someone like that can rise as an alternative? Sort of an anti corruption, small government, hands off the social mores type?

I'd vote for that guy. If he walked it and talked it.

Sally-- from 1900 (1899, really) until 1987, Oregon had 23 governors. 16 of them were Republican, and 1 was an independent. That's a pretty solid record, no?

The President of the Oregon State Senate was continuously a Republican continuously from 1880 until 1957, and Democrats from then on, except for a brief break from 1995 - 1999.

Don, really I wouldn't call that "solid;" I would call that 75 percent, or "largely." But the political force-fields I remember best were Tom McCall and Wayne Morse, who were so much more than a party label.

Since your mid-80s marker, in the governorship we've had two outright hacks, one outright criminal, and one who should have stayed in the Senate.

Would you agree that Oregon has entirely lost its independent spirit and has been absorbed into the Left Coast?

Sally, I not only tend to agree, but wonder if the reality may even be worse. NW Oregon, the tail that wags the dog, seems to have become a destination for hard-liner Left Coasters.

"Sort of an anti corruption, small government, hands off the social mores type? I'd vote for that guy. If he walked it and talked it."

That is exactly what the Clackistanis are providing. The new commission
is going to show everyone how wrong Portland is. That's why the establishment has been trying to crush the rebellion.
They would like nothing better than to have Dave Hunt or Lehan get the chair and Martha Schrader win to keep the county control aligned with Portland, Metro and TriMet planners.
With the three recent initiatives, the LO Streetcar defeat, Damascus' defeat of Metro's plan for litmus tests this is easiest choice for Clackamas voters in memory.
Hunt, Lehan, Schrader & Damon are all pro light rail, pro urban renewal, pro Metro planning, pro streetcar and pro Sam Adams.

Ludlow, Knapp & the 3 facing Damon are rock solid.
Savas will remain a commissioner for a couple more years no matter what. So with Ludlow, Knapp and one of the 3 winning the Portland elites will have lost a county and their grip on the region.

I can already see the editorials go hog wild trying to save the sick establishment.

Well that's positive news INFO. There needs to be a bit of a shakeup. I might still be registered in Clackamas. The national parties are so bought off. They appease the big donors through policy and appease the voter with rhetoric. So transparent and so unhealthy for the people. I can hardly stand it, but locally we can still get people interested in sound long term policy. Theoretically the corruption should be less at the local level.

I'm hard to please though. The type that wants Ron Paul and Kucinich in on the same conversation. I could care less if gay people want to get married while having an abortion and smoking weed out of an uzi. Leave 'em be.

Just look out for the us. Quit wasting our money. I don't care what party you're with.

Question, is. John Ludlow, the same Putnam High graduate, and former Clackamas Community Collge board member, former Wilsonville politician ?

If so, run for cover batten down the hatches. Good luck to all, if he is elected.

Watch out what you wish for. Best to talk with someone who lived in Wville during Ludlow's term as mayor,etc.

I fear that the same might be true of local politics as in national. Lots of bluster, but in action it's all business as usual.

Dan Holladay is the guy for the seat currently held by Damon. Concordbridge likes John Swanson, but he would be better next time around. Not quite ready. Dan's my man.

John Swanson, running for Clackamas Co. Commissioner, is an insightful candidate that listens. He'd be refreshing to have on the Commission to bring a new perspective. And he has youth compared to the longtime sitting Commissioners with their entrenched METRO ethos, or backgrounds like Jamie Damon.

Ludlow is the pick for chair (not even a close second in that mix). Caton seems like the safe choice but I'll vote for Knapp - we need more politicians with the courage of their convictions. For the other seat, it's anyone but Damon.

Speaking of LUDLOW many years and real hands on, do mean hands on..., experience with Ludlow, I would be very happy if he did not run . Experience with him tells me he will do anything to win. Ask any that have known him since 1963, ....... I REFRAIN from saying more, other than he sees another opportunity to spread his brand of stupidity.

Ludlow is emerging as the new face of the rebellion. Savas has conservative values, but some of the hardliners don't think he's resisted the Portlandia crowd enough, thus the impetus for Ludlow's challenge. Knapp is a tireless worker, instrumental in getting enough signatures to put light rail on the ballot. Swanson and Holladay are both good conservatives, have to wait and see who prevails.

Well that didn't long for the anti-voter, anti-rebellion flacks to come out swinging at Ludlow, the only chair candidate in full support of all their efforts.

All three other chair candidates voted against their urban renewal initiative that passed by 70% even with more Democrats voting in the election.

And now as the new initiative approaches signature approval and scheduling of September ballot Ludlow is again the only chair candidate who gathered signatures, signed the petition and has pledged to campaign for the measure.

Ludlow is also the only chair candidate who voted with the 63% who stopped the Sellwood bridge/Milwaukie Light Rail fee scam.

He is also the only chair candidate who places the interests of the sweeping rebellion ahead of party or political interests.

His election along with one other will mean the end of any Portland, TriMet or Metro control of the County.

Hunt & Lehan are going to be smearing him like never before. While Savas, having made a number of big mistakes, risks his reputation as the only currently acceptable commissioner.

Anyone who is genuinely interested in success of this rebellion should be supporting Ludlow, Knapp and one of the three Smith, Holladay or Swanson for postion 3.

The opposing establishment will be supporting Lehan, Hunt, Schrader, Damon and somewhat Savas.
They are all Urban Renewal supporters.
Need I say more.

I think some of you may be forgetting Tootie Smith running against Damon, Swanson and Holladay. She's a conservative, former legislator and took on Martha Schrader for a seat on the Commission once before I think. Swanson is young and smart but he needs a little more experience before he can realistically handle this kind of office. Damon is a tool of Metro and Mult. Co. and Holladay is barely there for the race.

Jack, you may want to rethink anyones support of John Ludlow.

He is in one of your dreaded occupations... plus other baggage...

John Ludlow CRB, CRS
Owner & President, John Ludlow Realty Inc.

Portland, Oregon Area
Real Estate

also he is into Construction, and you maybe wanting to look who with.

He is no cherry fresh to save us all, but the voters will be the final determinate, Clackamas County is doomed to repeat the Sammy Adams gifts...

I have to wonder what Savas did to incur the wrath of the Republican party that they'd put Ludlow against him. By accounts I've heard from Wilsonville, Ludlow is a loose cannon, my way or the highway kind of guy.

Savas has been the lone voice of reason on that commission since elected. He's a small business owner and has prior management experience with the sanitary district (or was it water district, I forget). Certainly a Republican, you couldn't call him a RINO, but not all the way out to the right. And he did motion to refer both the Sellwood Bridge tax and light rail to county voters.

As far as Jamie Damon's seat goes, why do Republicans run multiple candidates in the same race to split the vote? The commission races are looking like a repeat of the Republican primary process nationally - they steal each other's thunder and votes while the incumbent party gets off scott free.


You may want to rethink what you are doing.

John Ludlow has been a Wilsonville realtor for 35 years. He is held in high esteem in the Real Estate profession.

He has served as the VP of the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors, was their Realtor of the year in 2002, Good neighbor award winner in 2007, serves on their Professional Standards Committee, was chairman of that body and is an ethics trainer for that committee.

He has not been involved in any construction or development in decades and he will be the worst nightmare for any Sam Adams-like politician. Exactly what the Clackistanis need.

He stood up to the likes of you and EL when he took on a similar attack by Lehan. Lehan tried to smear Ludlow with the same false claims of misbehavior in order to throw him off the planning commission. He wasn't towing the line.
Ludlow sueed the city.
Judge Douglas Van Dyk ruled in Ludlow's favor on Dec 12th placing Ludlow back on the panel in time for that evening's meeting.
Ludlow also got $32,500 and the city had to read a statement aloud at a City Council meeting.
"You have the courage of your convictions," Judge Van Dyk told Ludlow. "The court admires that and encourages you to fight on in support of that, whatever it may be." He said Ludlow's speech was just as likely to encourage involvement as to discourage it.

As for Savas, I don't know about "Republicans" but his problems are simple. He won't help the rebellion.
He actually voted against the victorious Clackistani UR measure and isn't supporting the new Rail Vote one.

The accounts you've heard from Wilsonville are from the Lehan gang and it appears the Savas folks have adopted her sleaze.

Savas' voice has been muted on the commission since elected. He also left the Sellwood fee vote blank on his own ballot. I don't know what to call him. He certainly isn't a Clackistani.
He supports Urban Renewal and hasn't liked any of the rebellion initiatives.

I don't think he ever spoke out about the fee and only made token and meaningless motions about a never described or written vote on light rail that got no second.

The Damon seat is toast for the establishment. Nearly the whole county knows it.

Electing Ludlow, Knapp and one of the three opposing Damon and the rebellion has the county.

These smear merchants showing up won't have any luck.

A finely crafted response, I would expect nothing less.

Many people think Sammy is great fellow, and highly respected. Go figure.

By the way , ask him if he still has asthma , it was great theater when he started whizzing.

"A finely crafted response"

It's that thing you have trouble recognizing.

The Truth.

Truth, something you know about?

Did you ask him about the asthma ?

I await your truth.

Good fortune.

I support Commissioner Paul Savas. I characterize Commr. Savas' work as "Public Service".

I have seen his signature on the MLR petition and have read his documented proposals and actions against urban renewal abuses. In my opinion, Commr. Savas' work on the commission is guided and informed by fiscally conservative principles, the decisions of Clackamas County voters, and applicable law.

While I highly value initiative petitions and referendums, let's get beyond simplistic rhetoric that labels someone based on a skinny set of "facts" (true or not) which address only a specific agenda.

Clackamas County politics take place in a complex arena, interfacing with multiple jurisdictions. A change to right-thinking, common-sense decisions and actions by the Board of County Commissioners will happen - most effectively by someone like Commr. Savas. I think he leads by a thoughtful process, not a "rant and rave" approach which too often alienates citizens from politics while failing to achieve conservative objectives.

Why not concentrate conservative efforts towards replacing those office holders in Clackamas County and our metro area who continually expand government and employ "top down" controls and mandates at the expense of what I consider our most precious gift: individual liberty?

There are so many of these politicians to "de-throne"; Paul Savas is not one of them.

Yes, Paul has often been a lone voice of reason. But he isn't being "dethroned". He has and will retain his seat on the commission if he loses!!

You say "Why not concentrate conservative efforts towards replacing...." That's exactly right. We need to keep Paul in his position and replace two others. If we elect two new conservatives/Republicans in addition to Paul, there is a new majority.

He's only been on for one year. Why can't he stay in his seat, help others get elected and run for chair next time?

Paul is best prepared to be Chair now. Beyond his time on the BCC, Paul worked for several years on water and sanitary sewer issues at the Oak Lodge District boards. This "nuts and bolts" experience, which by all accounts was very successful (praise from all political types), is great preparation for using the Chair position to maximum advantage in advancing fiscally conservative County goverment.

He is by far the most experienced and electable conservative candidate for the job.

That's quite a spirited defense of Commissioner Savas coming from Dick Jaskiel. It was so detailed that it made me wonder if it wasn't written by the candidate himself.

An Orestar search shows that Richard F. Jaskiel Consulting was paid by Savas' PAC for campaign management services:


There is nothing wrong with working for a candidate (at least if you believe in them), but it is polite to acknowledge that relationship before you sing their praises to folks who are still trying to make up their minds (for example, see Kari Chisolm's standard disclaimer when he posts comments about his clients).

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