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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kate Brown sliding into cocktail party joke territory

It's really hard to tell what she was thinking. Here's yet another angle on the Salem Folly of the Year So Far. Maybe the radon scared her off from wanting to be governor any more.

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And I used to think Bill Bradbury was the most politically partisan SofS in Oregon history...

Kate Brown uses a variation on the "mistakes were made" defense to deflect any blame from herself to unnamed "staff."

I can't wait for the fall:

"It was an oversight by my staff that Mr. Starr did not appear in the voter's pamphlet for the November election and we're doubly sorry that an administrative oversight at some low staff level caused his name to be omitted from the ballot. It might have been a printing error. You never know. But it was just an honest mistake that anyone could have made, although it definitely wasn't made by me. Not personally, anyway. And voters can be assured we'll count any write-ins on Mr. Starr's behalf, once we've certified the eligibility of every person casting a write-in vote, provided that vote is determined to be legal and legible by my office. This election will be fair, open and honest in the Oregon tradition. More or less. Probably, anyway. Did I mention that it's all for the children?"

Since she was making shat up an thers is nothing anyone can do about it why didn't Brown just go ahead and declare Avakian the winner?

The process she has used is a figment of her imagination not election law.

At least she has assisted me in deciding who I shall vote for in the Secretary of State race..
That would be anyone else, even an inanimate object could do a better and more ethical job.

Sure hope Kate survives politically as the Unions depend on her keeping the beer cold at Labor Day picnics.

I'm surprised we haven't seen the main talking point posted here yet...

Don't you know that the reason the Democrats always win in Oregon, is that the Republicans have nobody of any stature and gravitas on their side?

Kate is the gravitas and Avakian the stature, in the Soviet State of Oregon. And the adults in the People's Republic of Portland are Sammie and Randy. All for the children.

Harry, I don't necessarily buy that "Republicans have nobody of any stature". It might be that if you are even suspected of being an R, even in a non-partisan race you'll get labeled as a tea-bagger, a homophobe, a 1%, an extremist, a radical, and on.

Gosh, I heard all those labels just this week. Labeling is the result and forget discussions on the real issues.

Not to mention when she patted herself on the back at the City Club for her voter registration outreach, saying "we've found that people who are registered are more likely to vote!" Really...how often do people vote in Oregon who aren't registered?

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