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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cutting down the nets

A couple of readers have copied us on the big news down in Klamath Falls:

The O-I-T men's basketball team, The Hustlin' Owls, just won the NAIA Division II national b-ball tournament (for at least the 2nd, maybe 3rd time) defeating Northwood Seahawks of Florida.

Trivia, fun question:

OIT b-ball coach Danny Miles has been there about 40 years...in that time how many of his players did NOT graduate?


Last spring the Hustlin' Owls women's softball team won the NAIA Division II national softball championship.

Go, Oregon Tech! They're planning a big parade for tomorrow, late afternoon.

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Congratulations, especially since Oregon really needs some good news right now. I'm tired of the Blazers and I'd rather read about the Hustlin' Owls than Hustlin' Editors.

It is remarkable that OIT graduated all but two of their BB players in 40 years. And the Blazers? I went to a Blazers event this evening. They had some big screens setup showing the Knicks game. My Blazers rep told me not to waste my time watching it...

More fun trivia for you:

Danny Miles is the 2nd most winningiest (is that a word?) in men's college basketball history.

With this win he now has 971 career wins as a coach. Only Harry Stratham has more with 1043 wins.

His career record stands at about .731 and he leads the Owls to an average of 23 wins a season.

Miles retired from the university a number of years ago and is now working as a volunteer coach for the team.

In his 41st year as coach he is only 67. He still has a few years to go.

And yes this is his 3rd national championship.

What a concept all the players are actually students and could it possibly be that college sports is an activity to teach gamesmanship and broaden out an education, learn teamwork. Not Romanesque spectacle,in a gaudy coliseum, million dollar coach, and a bunch of thugs copiously subsidized, bonking everything they can get there hands on and engaging in drunken high speed chases on the freeway.

Miles HINTED he might retire during a post game interview after the Hustlin' Owls beat Northwood Tuesday night.

The Hustlin' Owls gotta love Leap Years!
They won the NAIA in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Wonder what those odds are???

Did anyone see any coverage of this in The Oregonian? I realize they have deck chairs to rearrange, but this is a pretty big accomplishment.

Don't recall The O covering the women's softball national championship O-I-T won last spring either. If they did it got by me. Canzano knows of this latest national championship.

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