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Monday, February 20, 2012

The absurdity of media coverage of Greg Oden

They keep talking about him as if he's still a professional basketball player. Come on, guys, that was over long ago -- and you certainly should have realized that, at the latest, two years ago. His last game was in December of 2009. It's history now, and it never was. Please give it a rest.

"He’s recovered from a couple of these before—his last two microfracture lesions have healed fine," Buchanan said.

That's the Blazers' "acting general manager." Can he possibly believe what's coming out of his mouth?

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He's just acting! Send in the clowns.

HHhmmm... and to think, they culd have taken this kid named Durant. Heh.

When they drafted him I stopped paying attention to the Blazers. He was hurt through much of college as well.

Saw on the news that he has been paid something around 26 million for his ~80ish games he has played in five seasons.

"Hurt through much of college as well."

Nope. He only played one year of college ball. While he had a wrist injury in high school that kept him out of some early college games, he took Ohio State to the national championship game (losing) in his freshman year and was drafted after that season at the ripe old age of 19. It was only after that that the Blazers discovered he had the knees of a 45 year old.

I still think Greg Oden should feel proud of himself. Imagine being so good at something that they gave you millions just in case you could do it.

Put a fork in him. We've screwed around long enough waiting for the Resurrection of Oden.

We need to get a post guy and a PG NOW.

Come ON now Jack. Greg will be back in a second or two; as will his backup - you know, Sam Bowie. What? What? No way, they are both has-been out-to-pasture guys? Say it ain't so Bo, say it ain't so.

"He’s recovered from a couple of these before—his last two microfracture lesions have healed fine,"

Maybe, if "recovered" means he can walk the aisles of the grocery store. If "recovered" means he's able to play competitive pro basketball, then, no, he has not recovered, and they have not "healed fine."

Let's put it his way: if he comes back and plays anything close to a full season of NBA basketball, it will be considered one of the greatest sports comebacks/miracles of all time. The poor guy got microfracture lesions attempting to rehab from the previous surgery, and it may be time for him to throw in the towel on the whole basketball thing altogether.

Hopefully someone's telling him he needs to be concentrating on being able to walk for the rest of his life. Just hope he made some good long term investments with all those millions. Money aside, (it's not his fault the NBA pays such obscene amounts- "just in case he could do it") it must still be a rough psychological journey for a 22 year old athlete whose career is over before it started.

The Blazers got 139 games out of Sam Bowie.

Now we've added Kevin Durant to Michael Jordan as jaw droppers on the Blazers' pass list.

Bad luck, or bad decision making?

Be real. He was done when he broke his fibia(?) by landing on his own weight.
I'm sure he has not been part of the blazer plans since then. Maybe the blazers spent an additional 1.5 million hoping for a miracle. Not a bad price in relative terms.

Not unlike the Oregonian's continued endorsements of MLR and WES, they continue to act as if Oden has a future worth writing about. Through the looking glass we go, where up is down and wrong is right, and injuries (or Tri-Met budgets) will look better "next year"...

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