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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PDC: Nothing to see here, go on about your business

After an unfavorable audit finding numerous accounting irregularities and conflicts of interest, the Portland Development Commission has pronounced everything fine, and of course, the local mainstream media just repeats the line back. And hey, of the nine major things that were found to be wrong, they're working on fixing five of them!


It's hard to believe that they can shrug off an audit that contains this passage. It's one of the most damning we've read in a while:

PDC issues checks to itself on a regular basis but for different reasons. It is unclear whether this practice is appropriate, especially for all the reasons described. Fraud schemes use a similar practice to steal funds. PDC’s practice presents the opportunity for the misappropriation of funds, especially when more secure methods – such as wire transfers or journal entries – are available alternatives....

Everything's peachy. Go by streetcar.

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The good demo gov of Calif needs to get the good demo gov of Oregon into a headlock and give him a few words of wisdom on managing in crisis mode. We're there, but Kitz is all about kicking the can down the road and enjoying the fine wine. Too bad....perfect opportunity to rid ourselves or pdc, urd's, tif and all the other related bs.

PDC runs the whole show, everywhere.
Graft? So what! Corruption? No big deal! Just move along, don't argue or question anything or anyone, and leave us alone and no body gets hurt. See?
Just refer to the gangster movies of the 1930s .

Why would anyone bother to defraud PDC when they can just apply for a grant?

Speaking about STREETCARS....I was stuck in a traffic jam this afternoon ( 2:00 PM )... they were "testing" the new line out near the convention center....
I can just envision what a fluster cluck it is going to be when all is in full swing....

paul maguire, whatever were you doing driving a CAR in Portland :) Don't you know, it's nearly illegal!

...Just refer to the gangster movies of the 1930s

Also seems like the wild west except without the sheriff!

No sheriffs here, they all done been shot!

Here's a section from Portland's City Code. Have the problems at the PDC been reported to the District Attorney, as specifically required under the law?

3.05.065 Report of Irregularities.

If the Auditor detects apparent violations of law or apparent instances of malfeasance or nonfeasance by an officer or employee or information that indicates derelictions may be reasonably anticipated, the Auditor shall report the irregularities to the Commissioner in Charge and the Mayor. If the irregularity is criminal in nature, the Auditor shall immediately notify the City Attorney and the District Attorney in addition to those previously cited.

Peter, now that you've pointed this out, don't be surprised if the city changes the code.

Just on the audit point concerning 22 companies not providing proper licensing for over $22 Million of services, isn't that at least "malfeasance" or "irregularities" by PDC?

All PDC procedures, per their manuals, require submittal by prospective providers/ contractors all records of licensing. Then PDC is required to authenticate. It's common in the industry when a winner of a bid or service provider is declared other bidders review if all information required is properly made. If not, then lawsuits or arbitration normally follows.

There is some legality problems for the city here. Where is our DA on this point alone? Or our City Council or media? Other potential providers should be raising a stink. $22 Million is no small chunk.

Mr. Grumpy,
Many were changed. Some other time, I may write more, especially about Title 34.
For now though, it would be interesting if others had a list of how many good codes and/or process rules were changed under that Katz/Hales period.

Is there a US Attorney in the District of Oregon?

Does Oregon have a state Attorney General?

Oh, wait...I forgot.

That may change if Dwight Holton wins the Democratic primary

I used to work with those guys. Doing a rehabilitation of properties in North Portland. It was ridiculous. They would show up to low income properties full of immigrants driving fire red sports cars and wearing suits and try to give speeches about making good choices in life. Seriously.

The 'accountant' that came out was obviously pulling shady moves. I can't count the number of times he said, "Sure, but don't tell anyone..." Or had me create dummy documents for "bookkeeping only."

I had an opportunity later to work for them directly. I declined.

Since posting that section of the Portland City Code, which states that the Auditor is required to report "irregularities" to the District Attorney, it occurred to me that perhaps the excuse for doing nothing is that the actions of the PDC are considered "regular" by Portland standards.

Whistle blow and get others to do also.
There are lawyers etc. who will help keep you all fully concealed and protected.

bojack can direct you to them.


OLD MISSION: We need to help those poor folks, mostly black, in NE and North Portland

RESULT: Housing prices forces most of those folks to move out past 82nd avenue- destroying any sense of community in the process

NEW MISSION: We need to help those poor folks, increasingly black, out past 82nd avenue

RESULT: Gee what could possibly go wrong?

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