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Monday, February 20, 2012

LeLo's NuCol

We wish her nothing but the best with it.

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*contented sigh* Remembering exactly how gloomy and nasty Portland can be in February (the one high point of evenings having to drive back from the Intel R&D facility in Hillsboro was watching the snows of Mount Hood catch the absolute last rays of the setting sun), I thank her for that column. Yep, a little bit of gardening goes a long way in February.

Make sure to follow @LeLoNoPo on Twitter. It will brighten your day!

She picked "the right plant for the right place" with the moss ground cover. Very clever.

Several other suggestions for surviving the winter;

-Cold-brew coffee (soak espresso roast in cold water at room temperature for three days, strain, store in fridge, heat in microwave, OMG, nothing like a serious buzz from a few sips of acid-free oily coffee concentrate redolent with flavor)

-indulge and develop your pyromania. Woodstoves and fireplaces work for this.

-some people suggest nicorette or ritalin

-and then, some people, who are generally inaudible (and universally insufferable), talk about aerobic exercise. Someone is due to make a billion with a successful app for exercise motivation for slugs.

-reading and writing can be the best revenge.

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