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Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming soon to SoWhat?

That immigration jail that Fireman Randy and his developer buds are forcing on Portland's South Waterfront District -- next door to a grammar school -- looks like even more of an abomination in light of this story. It turns out the immigration enforcers are as dangerous as the inmates.

Portland's version is going in next to a grammar school, over the objection of a hearing officer who ruled that it was too dangerous. That hearing officer is a whole lot smarter and more honest than the people sitting in the City Council chairs.

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Guns do not kill people. "Highly trained profesisionals" kill each other...

With these idiots running around "defending" us from the terrorists hiding under our beds, are we any safer?

Federal employees "going postal." Who'd a thunk it?

With a Eco-District biomass incinerator, the jail, low income housing and vet housing it's hard to claim there isn't "diversity" in SoWhat.

I have a great location for the immigration jail.

Corner of Broadway and Hoyt.

Oh, that's where the jail is now...why not keep it there? Or why not put a new structure in the vacant parking lot west of the existing building? And east of the building (between Broadway and 6th) is another vacant lot...perfect place for a jail with a secure skybridge over to the existing courtrooms.

And, of course, there's always that abandoned, brand new jail up in Rivergate...

I know a lot of people love to bash public employees at every opportunity, but instances of workplace violence happen every year in many more private business settings than in federal or state offices. Of course, one difference here is that these particular federal employees are armed.

Another difference, and the reason federal and state employees don't usually open fire on their supervisors and fellow employees is that their jobs are generally secure. They don't have the same stress of showing up for work one day and being told they're fired. (Cue the union bashing.)

CNN is reporting that the shooting occurred during a "performance" counseling session between supervisor and the shooter. My first thought was wondering if the shooter was a young Iraq/Afganistan war vet suffering from PTSD and/or anger issues, since I think a lot of them are ending up in federal security jobs, but the shooter was 45.

I also had the same thought as Erik H.: Isn't there an empty County jail that was never used?

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