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Thursday, January 26, 2012

State having second thoughts about Portland water waiver

The revised script is playing out to perfection. It looks as though Fireman Randy and his buddies may get to build their useless ultraviolet treatment plant after all. Something to remember them by: a middle-finger salute that will show up on your water bill every month for several decades.

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New name for what city council and elected officials apparently want, once they have their grand plan implemented:

BILL RUN Water!!

More nails in the coffin. My plan was to not sell my current domicile until I was forced (er laid-off due to age... though well they never put it that way... we see a pattern where it exists) to retire (there is no real retirement just a 401K). However, that is likely 5-7 years out. So I may be looking at moving to unincorporated WashCo prior to my final retirement to a place with far better tax rules than Oregon.

The O reporter, Beth Slovic, and others need to get all of the info, including chain of custody from start to finish in the lab, regarding the genetic type of crypto that was "discovered" in those couple of samples. Not all crypto causes problems in humans. Only a few. See previous entries earlier this month in this blog.

Certainly another dirty filthy scheme involving Portland Water Bureau. Maybe we just need to turn up the heat in City Hall and Salem to 212 for the duration and boil the corruption away. Those are the organisms that are hurting us the most. Sickening.

Well so far nobody has been bumped off in order for these criminals to get their way. I guess bribes, lies, and threats are working.

Is there anybody that's not on the take in this town?

Ralph Woods:Is there anybody that's not on the take in this town?

Good question.
As I have mentioned here before, why are our elected officials so silent and not really doing everything they could to save our water rates and the health of our drinking water?

The comparison between our leaders here and the NY leadership on this, between
our PWB and the NY water bureau makes our leaders and our PWB look very very lame.
It clearly shows that something here is troubling and wrong. Who is behind this and who wants control of our water and the profits to be made changing our sustainable system to a corporate designed system?

Furthermore, while NY requested a delay to 2034, and on the LT2 matter, got a positive response from EPA, our PWB was on a race to do as much damage as possible to our sustainable system. PWB knew that the EPA LT2 regulation would be up for review right now, 2012. In my opinion, this has been in the works and the decision makers here wouldn't want a new directive from that review to make them stop now, would they?
That is why they have been on this race, including their "Christmas" run over to Clackamas County to get permits in order, while having the people of our community thinking we got a good thing going with the state variance.

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