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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not that mysterious

The O's got an interesting headline up this evening: "Portland police, TriMet wonder why no MAX passengers called 9-1-1 about attack on girl."

Maybe it's because there were young males accompanying the attackers, and those young males were carrying backpacks, and there's a good chance at least one of the backpacks had a handgun in it. And if one of those young men saw you ratting their girlfriends out on a 911 call on your cell phone, he might try to earn some major gangsta cred by taking out the gun and blowing your head off.

That might be a good reason to lie low and get off quietly at the next stop. Just a theory.

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Thanks Jack for saying it! When I saw in the video all those cheering young men, especially the kid in the blue jacket who seemed to be incredibly jumped up (literally and figuratively) about the entire exciting incident, watching three young girls beat up another, I had to say to myself (somewhat ashamedly) - "I would have called - but given what is happening with ganstas in PDX - I don't think I would have stepped in".

A good theory indeed.

I hate to be the broken record, but Portland has historically elected people who do want Portland wants. It's all about the liberal, enviro, urban-cool, sophisticated, insert-cliche-here vibe that Portland wants, and has gotten.

Profiling? "You racist!"

Put away blacks in jails? "Disproportionate!".

Crackdown on black criminals? "Racism!"

Portland can't even get their newspaper to report on skin color when providing descriptions.

Portland gets what they want, but some are leaving since they don't want it anymore.

You're spot on Jack. Over the weekend I bumped into a friend of mine with the Transit Police. He related a (typical) recent occurrence at the Holliday Park Platform near Lloyd Center.

There was a minor disturbance on the platform, probably related to drug activity. They went to detain a 15 year old kid related to the incident. The kid ran and there was a short foot pursuit.

When the caught and searched the kid they found a loaded revolver down the front of the kid's pants. It was the kids *third* arrest for carrying a firearm in/around MAX. I remind you that this is the same park wherein a kid was shot 17 times in the recent past.

As long as we have politicians that want to balance the budget by closing prisons, and we maintain a "catch and release" mentality towards violent criminals, PDX will continue to be a Free Fire Zone.

I've said it here before: "Use public transpotation, become a statistic..."

...there's a good chance at least one of the backpacks had a handgun in it.
JK: AND since, Trimet bans guns on their vehicles, only the gangsters will have guns.


Have you noticed that none in the News Biz or government have employed the words . . . Hate Crime?

Guess it probably best I not mention it here.

Actually, Abe, the KATU (?) coverage specifically asked the police if it would be a hate crime... the police rep said that if skin color was mentioned it might be.

It just shows the ridiculousness of 'hate crimes' in general. The idea that it's somehow less disturbing if they beat the crap out of a black girl is inane.

"Guess it probably best I not mention it here."

Not anymore.... Here or anywhere. Since Obama has been in office, the smear of being called "racist", especially by anyone from the left, has gone from being a very scary thing that could impact your life, too something that you can just laugh off and let out a big "Yawn!".

Kind of like somebody claiming you're a "Homophobe!" after you criticized Mayor Creepy.... Just has no effect anymore.

You're right on, Jack.

Little-actually no-mention of the young males surrounding and seemingly "getting off" on the gang attack of this female teen-age victim.

This is the type of Tri-Met event more than a few Lake Oswegans are concerned about when evaluating a possible streetcar extension from Portland.

Some local streetcar proponents have belittled concerns regarding an increase in crime; commenting, oh, yeah, just imagine a TV being stolen from a home in LO, and then hauled on the streetcar.

Wake up, proponents, this reported incident is the type of crime most are concerned about. And, the concern is validated by this incident and the realities surrounding Tri-Met ridership.

Let's hope with last night's announcement by Councilor Tierney regarding his withdrawl of support for the streetcar extension, this proposal is not only "suspended" but rather "terminated" once and for all.

Have you noticed that none in the News Biz or government have employed the words . . . Hate Crime?

Have you noticed people who don't take five seconds to Google assume the world fits their preconceptions?

From KGW: "Another question raised Wednesday was whether this MAX attack may have been a hate crime. The victim told KGW her attackers made comments about the fact that she was 'a white girl.' Police said, if race was a motivating factor, this case could be considered a hate crime."

But the salient point here is TriMet's defensive, dismissive attitude toward a 14-year-old girl who was attacked. If it was a private business that pointed out the number of customers it had in a year and dismissed such an attack as an anomaly, the city would be justly up in arms.

How many of the proponents ride MAX?
How many Tri-Met employees ride Max?
Just askin'

It's difficult to speak with 911 when you're busy trying to get the best angle on your iPhone video.

"Use public transpotation, become a statistic..."

Puh-lease, can you pile on the hyperbole anymore? I've been riding Trimet for half my life, and I've never even had one incident that was remotely worrying. However, that video reminded me of middle school, getting hazed by high school kids on the school bus.

Rode the Max from Lloyd Center stop to Old Town stop. Black kid cowering in the rear car from a "gangsta" black kid further up in the car. Cowering kid says "he wants to shoot me" Turned out I was directly in the line of fire if that had happened. When we got to the Old Town stop, the black kid took off running for his life and the "gangsta" kid just smirked. I got off too, on my way to another "important" PDC meeting. Where was the heightened security?
Luckily for me nothing happened that time, but what about next time? Scary stuff.

There was just a beating at the Rose Quarter MAX station this evening. What a mess.

I tried to do the right thing and ride Max, but ...the mentally ill guy screaming on a crowded morning train, the knife being flashed near 82nd Avenue, and the groping I experienced during afternoon rush hour quickly changed my mind.

Can one text 911 for help?

Just looking at the video reminded me of another one of the hundreds of reasons the I DON'T ride any of the rail alternatives in Portland. Buses use to be a bit safer, but as I recall they now fire a driver if he gets up out of his seat to deal with anything.

So let's see, they've made riding mass transit less appealing and more dangerous. They've made downtown less appealing, more dangerous. Appears they are right on schedule. Lord I hate what they've turned this town into.

JIm Karlock -

Way up thread, you made a comment about TriMet banning firearms on its vehicles and premises.

I was not aware of that.

Do you have a cite to the relevant portion of the TRriMet Code?

My understanding of state law in Oregon is that a holder of a CCW permit can carry anywhere in Oregon except in a state courthouse.

I think that the Oregon State System of Higher Education (OSSHE) tried to ban concealed carry by CCW permit holders and got told "No" by Oregon courts.

I do love the whole 'black thugs' mantra that seems to come up when these things happen. I watched the local news yesterday quite a few stories about white junkies and methheads robbing banks, nearly killing pregnant women and police standoffs, but yet the outrage and the "round 'em up" rhetoric is saved for the black youth. Hmm. walks like a duck. . . .

Back in the 80's two friends and I were attacked on a city bus by two men. One of us was white, one of us latino and one black, two girls and boy all teenagers. Bus was full and no one intervened. Like we learned with the Kitty Genovese case back in the 60's, the reluctance of bystanders to intervene has little to do with the fear of marauding black gangstas with guns, and more to do with human nature.

I am not a fan of the MAX, but finances and distance necessitate that my kid rides it every day. And from the stories I hear there is no "color" of a typical MAX miscreant. Certainly, I have been cornered and intimidated by white gutter punk types on MAX in Old Town.

This is an excellent argument for enabling text message to 911. The BOEC folks claim it would be a disaster, giving them incomplete information. But I, for one, would definitely not call 911 on a train with that going on. I might step off the train, but by then I've just lost sight of what is going on. Texting, on the other hand, would allow me to pass along pertinent information quickly.

Also, what about more minor incidents? What if I see a pot selling deal going on? Or verbal harassment? Am I going to break my commute to get off the train and report it? If I could just send a text message to BOEC it would really increase security on public transit.

Erik H. - I think Nonny is correct, even after reading the trimet code re: weapons. Concealed carry is legal, and therefore would be allowed... the code even contains wording that indicates that the rule excluding weapons does not conflict with state law allowing CC. You just have to have your proper permits and ducks/row.

I ride almost every day and nothing ever happens. I used to ride out east and it was a bit dicier out there.

But honestly, a lot of you sound more like my small-town grandma than city dwellers.

Erik H. Local municipalities, agencies and districts can write as many "guns are prohibited" laws, but they will not be enforceable. The fact of the matter is, and it is in the ORS, a CHL holder can carry a loaded firearm anywhere in the state of Oregon unless it's:

a Federal facility, such as a post office

a private property where it is posted "firearms prohibited"

a courtroom facility.

You can even take a firearm into the Portland Airport, as it is run by a local government agency. You cannot, however, bring it to the, and beyond the TSA checkpoint. A Grade school? Yes, can carry. University campus? Yes, can carry.

What is silly about these laws is that, places where firearms are truly prohibited, the law abiding CHL holder is likely to obey the law, while the criminal isn't worried about the law. Notice how we haven't seen a huge rash of problems with our CHL holders?

Carless - I'm teribbly sorry. I'm sure you know considerably more than I do, since my only experience was serving as a TriMet Transit Police Officer prior to retirement. Pardon my ignorance.

Ooops, read: "Terribly".

I used to ride Max every day from way out in Gresham to downtown. I was between 25 and 30 years old.

One day I was reading a book and I glanced up at a bunch of noisy black teenage girls. One of them said "What are YOU lookin' at?" in a menacing way. The other girls all said "Oooooooh!"

I ignored her and went back to reading my book. A few minutes later, as we were pulling in to the Lloyd Center exit, the girl who had spoken to me pulled off her flip flops and began to beat another girl (not part of their group) with them and shout "What do you think you're looking at, huh?" All of her group cheered her on, then they all ran out the door.

I wasn't scared, necessarily, but the fact that they were in a group sort of made me (and the victim) powerless to do anything.

Those of you who say "This was an anomaly!" in reference to the story in the news right now are delusional.

Eric H. -

That TriMet code provision isn't worth the paper its printed on, or the electrons with which it is transmitted.

See, ORS 166.170


166.170 State preemption. (1) Except as expressly authorized by state statute, the authority to regulate in any matter whatsoever the sale, acquisition, transfer, ownership, possession, storage, transportation or use of firearms or any element relating to firearms and components thereof, including ammunition, is vested solely in the Legislative Assembly.

(2) Except as expressly authorized by state statute, no county, city or other municipal corporation or district may enact civil or criminal ordinances, including but not limited to zoning ordinances, to regulate, restrict or prohibit the sale, acquisition, transfer, ownership, possession, storage, transportation or use of firearms or any element relating to firearms and components thereof, including ammunition. Ordinances that are contrary to this subsection are void." [1995 s.s. c.1 ยง1]

TRI-MET (nor the City of Portland, or Gresham, for that matter)can't regulate squat regarding firearms, whether folks with a concealed carry permit, nor folks who open carry without a permit. You want to put yur .45 or your 10 mm or your.40 on your leg in a tactical holster and walk around on TriMet or in Portland all day, go right ahead.

Some ill trained, uneducated thug from the local cop shop will try to stop you. BE REAL POLITE, hand the uniformed thug your open carried weapon and run, do not walk, to the nearest federal courthouse and sue the city for violation of your Second Amendment rights.

In view of the fact that carless and snards have been so forthcoming with their delightful experiences associated with riding loot rail, allow me to share, as well:

I used to get a pass each month.

Note: "used to".

Following an event at Rose Garden a couple of years ago, I boarded a loot rail heading west.

As I moved to sit in an unoccupied seat, I was grabbed, swung, and tossed into other boarding passengers. The perp, a black teenage thug, proceeded to occupy both seats, glaring at me as though daring me to do something about it. I figure, since I was 57 and weighed 150 pounds, he had 30+ years and 100 pounds on me.

I decided that my options were to acquire a CCP and weapon, or stop riding.

I've never boarded a loot rail train since.

My car's a lot safer.

Nonny Mouse,

You are mostly correct. There were a few cities that had open carry restrictions already on the books before the preemption law. I believe these are grandfathered in. However, technically, having a CHL, you are even exempt from these previous laws. Not that you wouldn't get tacked and tazerd by Portland's finest if you did.

I'm not justifying the TriMet code, or even saying it's right. There was simply a question as to "show me the TriMet code" and I answered it.

You guys should all know I'll rarely, if ever, defend TriMet. And I'm certainly not defending TriMet right now.

R -

Disagree. The pre emption statute is quoted in full upthread in my earlier post.

There is no "grandfather" provision, keeping local ordinances in existence prior to the enactment of what is now ORS 166.170 in the 1995 special session.

I wonder how long it is before some angry old Bojack poster goes all Charles Bronson-Death Wish or Bernie Goetz on some black kids they thought were threatening them...

That's a rather inflammatory theory. I think it was because people are just scared in general to react or intervene in that kind of violence..myself included. I'm not sure what my reaction would have been to be honest. Hopefully brave enough to call 911 or hit the emergency button on the MAX.

Since it is storytime here , I'll tell mine. [I have ridden commuter trains hundreds of hours , many of them in DC , and trouble rarely happens.]

One time though I was on a PDX lite rail headed east with my bike , standing as you did in the old days in the doorway , late in the eve , and a group of young hispanic men began boarding all looking at me [white guy] as if I am in their way , but as each got up to where I was standing , they could see mounted on my handlebars a canister of doggy-mace , each one twitched a bit and they all hi-tailed it to the far end of the train. How's that old saying go , an ounce of prevention is worth...

Aaah, the casual racism of a group of older white people talking to each other....

"Not that I'm saying... buy you know what I mean...."

This entire thread basically boils down to: "There are minorities on the MAX."

I'm sorry Snards, but the use of your Race Card has been declined...

"I'm sorry Snards, but the use of your Race Card has been declined..."

Excellent, HMLA-267 !!

Let me add my "Yawn..." as well.

I ride the Max 3-4 days/week to work, and probably another night or two to Winterhawks/Blazers games. So long as there's a good crowd on the train, the occasional crazy person, really loud headphones person, the one selling old candy for a buck a pop - they're tolerable. (Though I will say I haven't seen a fare inspector since summer of 2010 and the only time I saw a security person was riding the Max from PSU a couple of stops.)

Weekends and evenings when there is no Rose Quarter activity, on the other hand feel a bit uncomforable - loud arguments, the street kids squatting on the floor with their dogs and belongings, and what has looked to be drug dealing.

Hey, but at least Tri-Met can now get video of the crimes - if the system is working. Take a look at Max stops on the eastside - EC Electrical has been installing what appears to be new video cameras on the platforms, and streetside for stops below street grade.

Umpire -

Mary Fretch (sp?), the TriMet flack, is claiming that the cameras malfunctioned, or the recording device malfunctioned (she wasn't too clear on KATU) regarding the Green Line incident which was filmed by the civilian on his /her cell phone, and that there is no usable video.

Reliance solely upon TriMet for video is risky.

Um, are you really suggesting that I was the the person to play the "race card" here? Did you miss the 30+ comments above mine?

Billb..you're a tough guy aren't you? You showed those 'spanics who was boss didn't you? Thanks for making Snards point.

I stand by what I wrote. One would be quite justified in suspecting that the males in that group were armed, and crazy to provoke them in any way. Get off the train as quietly as you can at the next stop.

If you don't think you'll be assaulted for saying something, you are out of your mind.

"Point - Bogdanski."

Game, Set, and match...

Let's be real. Thuggery is the issue and not race. One of two times I have ever been assaulted in Portland was on a TriMet bus in the 70s (I lived in NW back when it was red-lined and there were a lot of sketchy folks in the hood (look red lining up if you don't know what it means)). A mentally ill white man hit me three times on his way off the bus. I have no idea what his issue was because the attacker was behind me. The first blow was to the back of my head. The second to my the back of my shoulders and the third to my arm blocking my face.

The second assault happened in the 90s when I was downtown out for the evening with a group of male friends. I was the shortest. Black male charged us, yelling "faggots" and punched me and ran away.

I've been called faggot by white skin heads and others but with no physical violence. As for carrying a hand gun (and I own some for defense of my domicle), not a good idea unless you are very sure you won't be overpowered. So maybe if there is one of them but not a group.

One more thing, for years and years Multnomah County pretty much refused to issue concealed permits to anyone who wasn't a cop or related to a cop or an officer of the court (no special rights in any of that *full sacrasm intended*). Then there was a lawsuit that the county lost. One of my friends got one of the first permits after the lawsuit was decided.

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