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Friday, January 27, 2012

Come up and see me sometime

An alert reader noticed this cozy little event at the MAC club the other day:

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Is this an investor hunting event, or just a case of speaking to the choir?

One hour?

Only takes an hour to press the flesh and pass the campaign check with 50 folks buying access to Charlie.

Go by Chapter 9!

As a toy train lover Choo Choo Charlie is Gerdling Edlen's wet dream as Mayor. We will have street cars coming out our ears, and they will be building their condo/apt. bunkers right along with it all if he gets elected mayor. Of course you need limited partners to pull that kind of thing off... hence the well healed MAC patronage to get the initial seed money in place to do the studies and so forth.

One hour will do to meet, greet and get checks flowing.
They don't need any more time to get to know him and his policies,
his track record is well known by them.

the Lottery reception sounds more fun

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